Chapter 1a:

A CNN Poll

Let us imagine for a moment the following scenario. A CNN news crew strolls down the street of any city or town, someplace in the world, stopping a dozen people at random. The news reporter then asks each person a few simple and very generic questions.

  • Sir or Ma’am, Can you please tell me why this world exists? What is the reason for it? What is the purpose behind it?
  • How did life come to exist on planet earth? Did it evolve by chance, or was there some sort of universal Creator? Can you prove either?
  • Can you prove there is a God? And if God does exist, Who is He? What is He? Where is He? And what does He look like?
  • Do you have any idea why you, as an individual person, were born into this world?
  • What one religion, if any, is the true religion? How can a person know for sure or even find out? Can it be proven that one belief system is true and all the others are false?
  • Do you know for sure that there is an afterlife? A place called heaven? A place called hell? Or are such concepts mere wishful thinking? What happens to a person after they die?

Most thinking people in our modern day society would consider a poll of this nature to be silly and ridiculous at worse, and inconclusive at best—a pointless excercize in futility (sort of like asking people to prove what the weather is going to be on a certain day a year from now). If any point could be made from such an analysis, it would only demonstrate two things. (1) The vast number of people "don’t have a clue." (2) A few religious zealots would certainly have all the answers, the only problem being that all the answers would be different.

The fact is, no person on the face of the earth can provide truly objective answers to these kinds of questions. At least not in a manner that would be convincing to a skeptic. Such questions, and the answers to those questions, lie—apparently—outside the realm of scientific verification.

Yet each person, somewhere down deep in their hearts, knows and realizes, that there just has to be some sort of conclusion as to why this world exists and why each one of us is here. If we don’t have the answers, the questions are certainly valid. Let us look a little deeper at the overall implications.

The planet we live on is a tiny dirt ball floating somewhere in the vast reaches of space, inside a massive galaxy called the Milky Way. Yet the galaxy we call our home is only one of billions of galaxies, each galaxy consisting of numerous millions of stars—our sun being just one of those tiny specks of light. Light, traveling at 186,000 miles per second, takes over eight minutes to get from the sun to our earth. The closest star to earth is Alpha Centauri, which is 4.3 light years away—that is 280,000 times further than our own sun! So far, scientists have not found even a shred of evidence that life exists anywhere else, at least not in our own solar system.

Around the world astronomic observatories and radio telescopes have been set up, ears tuned to outer space, listening to the heavens for even the barest signal that might indicate "intelligent" life somewhere "out there." Millions of dollars are currently being spent on such projects. So far nothing of significance has been heard other than random space noise. Some people believe that our survival as a human species depends on whether or not we are able to make "contact" with other intelligent life. Recently, the famous British scientist, Steven Hawking, made the remark that "man's only hope of survival is to eventually find some way to get off the planet."

So what are we doing here, riding on this dirt ball out in the middle of nowhere? How did we get here? Who, if anybody, made it happen? And if so, for what purpose?

How could virtually millions of different life forms pop up out of nowhere and exist by chance or mere coincidence—the trees, the flowers, the birds, the fishes, the animals? How about the billions of people who have been born, lived and died over the millennia—all the cultural civilizations of history—in an "endless" cycle of birth, life, and death? Is all of this just a coincidence with no forethought or master plan behind it?

The interesting thing to notice here, is that in order for all of it to even happen, a whole host of things had to fall into place and line up perfectly. Here are just a few things you might consider.

  • The earth is the exact size and weight necessary to produce the perfect gravitational field for all living things. If too small we would float skyward as we walked (like the austronauts did on the moon). If too big, our legs and feet would feel like lead.
  • The earth is exactly the right distance from the sun—too close and we would burn up, too far and we would all freeze to death.
  • The earth has an atmosphere with the perfect density and amount of oxygen necessary for our lungs to breathe and to sustain life.
  • Surrounding the earth is a critical layer of ozone that protects life from the harmfull rays of the sun. Without it we would all die of cancer.
  • The earth revolves at just the right rate of speed every 24 hours, so days and nights are kept at the correct temperature.
  • The earth is tilted exactly 23-1/2 degrees on its axis so that all the seasons work properly. This delicate balance enables all the weather systems to sustain life in the various climate zones.
  • The moon is the exact size and distance from earth necessary to produce the high and low tides. Otherwise the ocean would become one big stagnant lake. Also, the salt content in the ocean is perfect in order to preserve and protect marine life.
  • The entire eco system is delicately balanced so one life form sustains another, from plants, to animals, to man.
  • All the right chemical elements and natural resources exist to sustain life and civilization, i.e. the forests, the soil for crops, the minerals that make iron and steel, the oil and gas reserves, etc.

There are no doubt hundreds if not thousands of other items that could be added to the above list, any one of which if it was not properly in place, could cause a devastating negative effect to life on earth. Everything needed is provided and all of it is in perfect balance.

It must be very difficult for even the most jaded skeptic (or so called atheist) to believe that all of this came about without some form of creative thought or plan. Yet those who follow the theory of humanistic evolution would have us believe that all of it simply "happened" by chance—life began by mere luck millions of years ago in some prehistoric swamp.

It is a proven fact that in order for the most simple form of life to even begin, this would require an elaborate complexity of proteins and amino acids, all coming together in just the right sequence and perfect order, to form even the first living cell. Molecular biologists have calculated that the mathematical probability of this happening by accident, would be no less than the latest version of the unabridged dictionary resulting from an explosion in the printing shop. Or a perfectly operational Boeing 747 being assembled when a tornado blew through a junkyard. And that is for just one cell! Then what about the millions of other cells that would all have to come together at the same time and place (along with the first one), in order to form even a simple life form (such as an ameoba). And how would the ameoba even start to live? And when it did come together by "chance," it would have to have a perfect reproductive system so there would be more ameobas? Yet, somehow, miraculously, out of that same swamp man evolved—with a perfect body containing bones, muscles, a nervous system, a blood system, a digestive system, with eyes and ears and intelligent brain.

Even if evolution was true (which is very unlikely), it would still require a Creator of some sort to set up and start the process.

So the idea that the universe completely created itself by accident, and that life on earth on all existing life forms came about by complete random chance, is both 100% impossible and ludicrous. It is hard to imagine how any sensible or "educated" person could actually believe that?

So in returning to our CNN survey, here mankind sits on earth. Billions of people have been born, lived and died over the centuries, and nobody really has any idea of how all of this came about? If there was a Creator Being of some sort (no other conclusion is logically possible), then, so far, that Person is doing a spectacularly good job of hiding themselves. (Or as some have proposed, after depositing us here, they hurriedly left in their flying saucers and forgot to leave us their business card?)

These sorts of issues and questions are so enormous and profound, that most people have adjusted their day to day life without even bothering to dwell on these sorts of matters. They are more concerned about how the stock market did yesterday, or the box score of their favorite sports team, or getting their pay-check at the end of the week.

Some individuals even attend church on Sundays and that gives them some peace and consolence. But for most of us who live in the real world, life is complicated enough, getting up at 7:00 A.M., going to work, having babies, and paying the mortgage (and later in life trying to avoid health problems).

So for most people these eternal questions are only fleeting thoughts. Yet they never quite go away completely. Again, the questions are valid even if the answers are not readily available.

The world’s great religions, countless theologians, mystics of all stripe and color, have searched for centuries to find the answers. But to reach any conclusion requires a giant leap of speculation and faith—there is simply no way to objectively prove what is real (or not real).

It has always been impossible to build a bridge over the grand canyon that separates science and theology. The scientific method does not understand the principles of faith. And the methods of theology cannot be tested scientifically. Even though science can build the Hubble Space Telescope, looking deeper and further into the magic of quasars and pulsars and black holes, it cannot tell us a single thing about Who created all of it, and for what purpose or meaning it might all have. Or answer the fundamental question of how mankind fits into the master scheme of the universe. Or even why he exists on this earth.

Yet here on this website, for the first time in history, the two realms of science and faith will finally be brought together, with a clear and inductive reasoning process that will take us straight to the foundational basis of truth. And give us some clear and resounding answers to most all of these questions.

And then there is the question of evil. If there truly is a God who cares, why does He allow so much suffering and misery in this world? Everywhere we look we see human sadness and degradation. Thousands die and millions are left homeless as natural disasters strike around the globe. Fear of terrorism in modern society has become a way of life. Injustices of all sorts surround us—such as parents hooked on drugs as their children are neglected or even abandoned; many have been sexually abused since childhood and left with scars lasting a lifetime. Even by the very people entrusted with their care. There are gangs and drive by shootings in our cities as hoodlums have no respect for law or order. Or for human life. Sexual mores have fallen to an all time low in society. Hollywood thrives on every wicked imagination possible. Movies and television and celebrities glorify sin and perversion as a form of "entertainment." Thousands of hard core porn sites and filthy images saturate the internet (and the general public hardly even cares). Our children are being raised with the philosophy that there are no moral absolutes—few things are sacred anymore. Divorce and broken homes are everywhere as more people simply live together with little or no bond of commitment. Millions of innocent babies are being slaughtered in abortion clinics simply as a matter of convenience. Society as a whole, especially in America, has become almost totally secular and hedonistic. Man and his instant gratification and pleasure is at the center of everything.

Again, if God truly exists, why doesn't He do something to stop all this madness and human misery?

You are about to find out why.

Beginning in Section 2 of this website, we will see that there is a supernatural mathematical code that has been sovereignly placed in the Bible text by the very Creator Himself. This code does two things. (1) It scientifically proves that the Bible is a supernatural book of Divine and extra-terrestrial Origin (its concept did not originate on this earth with man or his ideas). And (2) this code in the Bible is going to unlock the mysteries and show us the long hidden secret of why mankind is on this earth—and the real source of evil and all human suffering.

This code phenomenon is, apparently, exclusive only to the Bible. It is mathematically impossible to occur in any work of literature, so it’s occurrence in the Bible is nothing less than a spectacular miracle.

Even people who have spent their entire lives studying the Bible, have no knowledge of this code, nor have they ever seen the depths or implications of this BIG picture you are about to witness here on Angelfall. In fact, 99% of thinking people out there don't even believe that something like this is even possible—even less likely that it could actually be proven solidly in a way that is unshakable, and ultimately provide conclusive answers.

Was your birth as a little baby into this world the very beginning of your existence? Or did all of us have some sort of prior pre-existence? Are little babies and children truly innocent when they are born? Those are the fundamental questions that Angelfall and this code in the Bible is going to answer for all of us.

After you see and witness this simple and straightforward evidence, both the conclusion and the implications of that conclusion, will be most certain and determinable.

The ultimate plan and purpose behind this world is a veiled mystery that has somehow been deliberately hidden from mankind. That is, until