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You should look at this website as though it were an entire book published on the web. All the chapters have been laid out in a concise and easy to understand manner. This logical sequence will help you build a proper foundation of understanding.  

We live in a society where everybody is in a hurry. This is the age of the Internet, the cell phone, and 500 satellite T.V. channels to choose from. Plus 10,000 other things clamoring for everyone's time and attention. So people do not have a lot of time to waste—they want to get right to the point. "Just give me the bottom line" is the typical attitude.

Here, at Angelfall, that will not happen quickly. This subject is just too vast, complicated, and important. It will require both serious time and sincere mental effort on your part. There are important facts and issues that should be clearly understood before the rest of everything else will make sense to you.  No one would think of building walls or putting a roof on a building until after the foundation was laid.

As you begin reading and comprehending, things will start to really add up. And the more excited and convinced you should become. Here we are going to be dealing with the deepest and most penetrating issues of all time—issues and evidence that very few people—including the world’s greatest scientists, scholars and theologians—have never seen or understood. Your brain will be stretched to its limit.  

The volume of content on this website is enormous. Each chapter is packed solid with so much depth, so much intense meaning. Reading and comprehending all of it will be like sitting down at a table and trying to eat an entire elephant. The question is, How does a person go about "eating an elephant?" The answer is simple. One bite at a time.

So sit back, relax, take things slowly and think carefully about everything that is said. And most importantly, enjoy the journey.

The Following is a Road Map 

Before a person begins a trip, it is a good idea to have a road map or general idea of where they are headed. Here now is the Titles Page and Site Map. This is the place you will constantly refer to as you travel through Angelfall. Everything on this website is listed right here. Please take a few moments to carefully read and become familiar with the following table of contents. It will give you a really good overview before you get started.

The entire website of Angelfall is divided into sections. All the sections are very different one from the other. You may discover that some provide more interesting reading than others. Even though everything follows a concise order, there is some flexibility at being able to skip here or there. 

The first three sections lay the foundation. The most important section is Section 4 that follows—that is where the real substance of Angelfall begins.  

Immediately after the first section is the Angelfall Synopsis. The synopsis is a brief summary of the conclusions of this web site—why man is upon this earth and what our eternal destiny will be. DO NOT LEAVE THIS WEBSITE BEFORE YOU READ THE SYNOPSIS.  But our advice is that you will get a better presentation if you start at the beginning with Section 1, and read through the logical progression. You can, however, read the synopsis and then go back and start at the beginning.

No matter how deeply you pursue the more than 2300 pages of content that lies before you, the important thing is that everyone who visits Angelfall obtain at least something that is helpful and beneficial to them.  

Yet the main fact everybody needs to realize right up front is simply this:

Angelfall is the culmination of literally thousands of hours of painstaking research and careful thought. It is NOT just somebody's ideas about God or religion they are trying to promote. Angelfall is NOT a theory or an interesting possibility. Angelfall is NOT speculation. Angelfall is completely new and fresh knowledge—ALONG WITH OBJECTIVE DATA—that goes way beyond anything the human mind could possibly imagine. It is inherently independent of man's ideas and individual thoughts. Its origin is purely Divine and supernatural. In other words, it is a miracle. A miracle you will see with your very own eyes.

What that means is that the BASIS for the earth shattering facts contained in Angelfall, can actually be proven in a scientific laboratory. It is simply fact. Nothing else in history related to any belief system about God, or theology, or religion, or philosophy—or what the Creator's eternal plan and purpose is—can claim to be scientifically provable.

The message of Angelfall is conclusive beyond a doubt. 

Complete Table of Contents 




 We begin with a casual discussion of the critical issues. 



The Angelfall Synopsis 

The synopsis is a brief 28 page summary of both the message and conclusions of this website—why man is upon this earth. This is for the benefit of people who want to get right to the point. Do not leave before you read the synopsis. 


Section 2:  THE BIBLE CODE

Here you will be introduced to the original code in the Bible that is very basis for the astonishing conclusions that will follow. The final verdict of this website—the reason and implications of why man exists on earth—is so earth shattering, that in order for it to be believable, the conclusions must rest on a rock solid foundation that is both objective and scientific.  Here in this section you are going to witness a truly supernatural phenomenon.

Please study this section carefully. The information is scientific and mathematical in nature, but we have made every effort to explain it as easily as possible. This section has a lot of reading material in it that any person will find exhausting. You won’t need to read all the chapters or data. But you will need to acquire, at the very least, a basic understanding of both the nature and implications of the Bible code discovery. If you find all of this information too deep or too much (and you will), then please move on to Sections 3 and 4 which provide more easy and general reading. 



Addendum Chapters in this Section:

 This is a comprehensive computerized scientific analysis by both the author and a completely independent analysis and verification by a statistician in Germany confirming the validity of theomatics.

One of the major questions people ask is whether anything like theomatics exists in other works of literature? How do we know theomatics is exclusive only to the Hebrew or Greek text of the Bible? How do we really know this is a supernatural phenomenon and God had something to do with all of it? Here, in a simple yet solid and easy to understand manner, it will be explained why.

Theomatics is not the same as the Bible code subject everybody in recent years has been talking about—sometimes called "Torah codes," or ELS (Equi-distant Letter Sequences). The Bible code has received a huge amount of world wide publicity and even been featured on Oprah. This "code" was supposedly discovered in 1958, whereas theomatics has been known since the time before Christ (also called "gematria" and "isopsephia"). The Bible code has been debunked or disproven repeatedly by world class mathematicians, and in recent years has "dropped like a rock." A summary discussion of the difference between theomatics and the Bible code is presented. There is not even the slightest similarity between the two systems. Theomatics is much more definable and provable and does not have the problematic statistical/proof method(s) and arbitrary/unscientific characteristics of the Bible code.



 After it is scientifically proven—in the laboratory—that the entire Bible was put together in a supernatural manner with a secret coded system, we will discuss the issue of how we must now understand and interpret all this new information. What are the implications? What does the data mean? What is the hidden code saying to us?  

The theomatics code—the existence of which is objective fact—will now give us a completely new apparatus, a different way of seeing and understanding things in the Bible. Yet everything in the open text of the Bible will remain the same (nothing will be added or taken away). Yet from this time onwards it will all look very different to you. The BIG picture of why man is on this earth, is going to open itself up before our very eyes. Theomatics is quite literally the very "mathematical language of God" …a fresh way that the Creator will now use to communicate His message—it will quite literally take us into the dimension of another philosophical, theological, and objective universe.  

In this section, the first two chapters briefly discuss the overall implications of the Bible code discovery, which reveals A System of Galactic Proportions, followed by how all of that ties into The Language of the Symbol throughout the Bible. In the third chapter we discuss briefly how Christians are supposed to arrive at Understanding God and interpreting the Bible.That will be followed by a major chapter which is a rebuttal of the subjective criticisms and attacks that will be leveled against Angelfall by various skeptics and religious leaders.

The most significant chapters in this section are the last threeHigher than the Heavens and Some Incredible thoughts on Godwhich deals with God's mind and intellect and how we as humans need to relate to God's knowledge vs. our own intellectual limitations. Finally we present a major and extensive chapter on the Godhead, which is a deep and comprehensive discussion of the Heavenly Father. This will help us understand who and what God is, as we will deal with the definition of God, and whether or not God is an actual person or conscious living being. Theomatics throws light on this issue.

Part I:

Part II:


 Here is where the formal presentation Angelfall really begins. And the most interesting reading. We now have the tool that is going to, for the first time in history, open up the very first book of the Bible, which is the book of Genesis. What we are about to discover is that Genesis is not only talking just about the creation of man upon earth "6000 years" ago. What it is really talking about, is the very original creation of the angels up in heaven—a creation that took place in "another galaxy"—long long ago, and far far away.  All of the things mentioned in Genesis that happened literally upon earth, are ALSO a symbolic reflection, and they carry a much higher meaning than just earthly matters and issues.

The first chapter will be the Angelfall Manifesto, an eloquent presentation written by Andrew Murray, a South Africa missionary who died in 1917. That will be followed by two chapters on the subject of Satan. Understanding whether or not the devil is an actual person or conscious living being is of critical importance—it is an issue that must be settled at the outset because everything hinges on getting it right. 

All of this leads us up to the last three chapters in Part II, which are the major ones and the foundation of this entire website, i.e. The Issue of Pre-existence, followed by The Foundational Premise of Angelfall, and finally The Ground Zero Issue, which really puts a cap on everything.


    Part I:


    Part II:

                   and Putting the Pieces Together

 This is going to be one of the largest sections and it is the central core of this entire website. This is all about putting the pieces of the puzzle together and explaining the evidence that proves the Angelfall premise. Here we show conclusive evidence—right out of the open Bible text—concerning the pre-existence and the connection of men to angels. Much of this discussion here will be linked to the Bible code or theomatics data that will be shown in Section 6 that follows.  

This section here provides easier reading and Bible analysis, whereas the next section that follows gets into the nitty gritty nuts and bolts of the issue—a very comprehensive and technical scientific analysis that firmly establishes and proves/confirms the Angelfall premise.

 The first chapter in this section discusses the link between Genesis 3 and what took place in the garden of Eden—and how that relates to Eve and the fallen angels in Revelation chapter 12. This will be followed by a serious evaluation of the popular Christian concept of a future time on earth called "the Great Tribulation," and whether that idea is really true or not.  

Then we will look at a whole string of passages from all over the Bible that ties men to angels. The male-Female principle will be discussed next, which is of paramount importance relative to the whole angelfall premise, followed by a general discussion of human sexuality. Finally we look at the second major link of men to angels, which involves the chapters in the Bible that discuss Lucifer and the Guardian Cherub (or angelic being) that was in Eden the Garden of God. Lastly, we present a major discussion on the parable Jesus gave concerning the prodigal son, and how all of the relates to the good and bad angels. 

Chapter 5e that is indented, on human sexuality, is really not a direct part of this section and the overall message of Angelfall, but will be a sub topic of supreme interest to many people. 


                   Here is the Objective Data

 Now we take a comprehensive look and analysis of at least eight spectacular theomatic patterns—just a handful among numerous ones—that will begin to anchor the premise of the previous sections 4 and 5. The scientific and mathematical consistency of these patterns in the Bible are absolutely mind boggling. As a number of people have stated, these results may actually be the most significant discovery in the history of mankind—what you are about to witness is impossible to happen naturally, yet there it will be in plain site—center stage—for all to see and observe and evaluate! It is absolutely 100% supernatural. (What is even more amazing is how few people will see and understand the significance of what you are going to be witnessing, or even take the time to figure it all out).

This section is very precise and intense. The Bible code data clearly and unambiguously links fallen man upon earth and the birth of each individual person—directly to the angelic realm and the rebellion that took place prior up in heaven. That is why each person has been born into this world and is under the curse of sin and awaits hell at the point of physical death.

All of us pre-existed in heaven as individual angels, but after we were arrested (see Mat 24:31 and Mar 13:27 and Isaiah 24:20-22), our spiritual being was apparently taken through a "time tunnel" where all previous memory is wiped out, and then we are "transferred" into linear earth time and assigned to embryos in the wombs of our parents (the birth and death of each individual is predestined based upon their actions up in heaven and the condition of their heart towards the Creator who made them in the first place). The theomatics Bible code proves all of this conclusively and beyond any reasonable doubt. The evidence proving the connection between men and angels is crystal clear as a bell and an absolute 100% certain fact (it is NOT speculation—once the evidence is seen it will simply be axiomatic or obvious truth).Yet God has hidden this fact from mankind behind symbolic/esoteric methodology in the Bible. And the amazing thing is that virtually nobody knows about it, nobody has any true comprehension of the fact, and nobody is really even thinking about it. Yet that is the certain reality that all of this is going to prove.

   Special Introduction to This Section
    (also information on Greek text)


This section will be sort of a detour. But it is probably the most important of this entire website. That is why we present it at this juncture. If you have felt somewhat exhausted from studying the prior sections, the following will be much more casual. It is non technical and very easy reading. 

We begin with a discussion of God creating man—from God's point of view. Why did He do it?  What was His purpose?  What were the risks and the dangers? Why would God still want to establish an intimate relationship with fallen sinners who wanted nothing more to do with Him up in heaven?  Why did Jesus die on the cross for the sins of the cosmos? The answer to these questions will forever change how you see your own existence. And also how you will—from this point forwards—understand everything in the Bible.  In this section the lights in your brain will start to come on like little twinkling Christmas lights, as we examine four of the most fundamental issues and numerous Bible verses that very few people have spent time thinking about.


This subject area deals primarily with the question of how all of us could have pre-existed, been born into this world, and yet have no specific memory of prior events and our own personal rebellion in heaven. The first and major presentation here will be the first chapter in this section. Then we will discuss the issue of time and why God does (or does not) always answer people's prayers. The last three chapters have been written by other people and are shown more as resource material for those that might be interested in the incredibly fascinating subject of the space/time dimension.  

 8a  Pre-existence, memory, and Angelfall


Section 9:  The Meaning of the Serpent in the Garden

 The data to be presented in this section is absolutely astounding. And the truth surrounding that data is even more revealing and incredible. It fits the whole Angelfall premise together precisely. Here we are going to be dealing with one primary subject—what the serpent in the garden of Eden actually represents (hint: is has nothing to do with an individual person named "Satan," or a so called fallen archangel from heaven named "Lucifer"). You will be positively amazed at both the data, the statistical consistency of the data, and the significance of what all of it demonstrates and proves. This is powerful stuff. 



 The evidence here comprises probably the most revealing theomatic patterns and truth in the entirety of Angelfall. Others who have read the following have commented that the results and data are almost unbelievable—yet you will see it right before your very eyes. Everything to do with man's willful sin and rebellion is either a multiple of 570 or 456.  

This 570/456 pattern is presented in two chapters. The first one (9b) is the initial one that was written, and it puts the feature examples into distinct conceptual categories. The second one (9c) is simply a listing from the mountain of data compiled from scores of Bible passages, relative to the 570/456 concept. This pattern is so prolific—many hundreds, even thousands of highly significant examples could be shown.  

Finally, in the last chapter of this section, everything to do with God BLOCKING man's access into the divine and eternal secrets, contains a distinct structure of 380.  


Section 11:  Hell and Final Judgment

This study is divided into two parts. The first will be a general discussion on the subject of hell in general, and what has been traditionally taught and believed by Christians. Is hell an actual place?  Or is it symbolical of something else? Part II will show us some positively incredible theomatic evidence all based upon multiples of the number 235. This data will finally provide a crisp answer and solution as to what certain aspects of hell actually represent and are all about.


Section 12:  The Meaning of the 153 Fishes

Theomatics was discovered from the story of the 153 fishes in John 21:11. Many years went by before the true meaning of what these fishes represent, was revealed. When the answer came, it was a shocking surprise—something complete different than what any person could possibly have imagined (yes, it all related to the rebellion in heaven and now upon earth). You too will be surprised at what the 153 fishes represent in the Bible.  



The Phantom will Disappear right before your Very Eyes. The overall subject of Bible prophecy and the "end times" as believed and taught by American evangelicals and Christians the world over (pre-millennialism and particularly dispensationalism, and also preterism), is something that DOES NOT EVEN EXIST in the Bible—God's interpretation on Daniel and Revelation is a thousand light years different than just about anything anyone has ever imagined. Yes, the Bible is relevant to this world and everything happening. But in an entirely different context of meaning. The first thing we must ask ourselves (in light of theomatics), is what the whole purpose would be of some sort of prophetic scheme in the Bible?  Is it the prediction of future world events?  Or is there a higher purpose that God has mind?  i.e. a spiritual and eternal purpose with spiritual and eternal meanings, instead of earthly natural or physical fulfillments (or a future political "millennial/kingdom" of sorts).


One of the major truths (rather teachings) of the Christian/evangelical world, is the concept that at the end of this world, there is going to come a future time upon earth called "the great tribulation" (a specific time lasting either 3-1/2 or 7 years). As was discussed in chapter 5c of Section 5, this concept, which has been universally accepted as bona-fide fact by Christians the world over, is something that does not even exist in the Bible. God's interpretation on the 1260 days, 42 months, time, times, and half a time, is apparently only SYMBOLICAL, and has little or nothing to do with a so called literal end times "great tribulation of the Antichrist." 

The first chapter here is a review of the chapter entitled, The Great Tribulation Fallacy (which was shown in Section 5 of Angelfall), and the second chapter, The Meaning of the Great Tribulation, will now discuss the evidence that has been found as to what all of this is really talking about. The theomatics data on this subject will be a real eye opener, and is no doubt a landmark discovery of pivotal importance for the Christian church. It is going to change virtually everything.


Section 15:  What About Angelfall and Me Personally?

This discussion is for those individuals who have read and studied this website, been deeply touched by the message and its conclusions. But you are wondering personally what you should do, or can do, about all this new information? Now that we know for a fact what our predicament really is, or how are we able to crawl out of the hole we are in? How can I be sure that I am in right standing with God and will make it to heaven when I die? Here you will find answers.


The Author's Final Thoughts 

Here the Author of Angelfall makes his closing statement. 





Half baked projects currently underway

  • Commentary on Book of Job. The most significant book in the entire Bible—all having to do with the angels questioning God's character. 
  • The 340/Babylon pattern and how all that relates to the realm of man's wisdom.
  • Complete analysis on the birth of Esau and Jacob, and the meaning of Esau selling his birthright.