Chapter 1c:

What is Reality?


Since neither religion nor science can lead us to the ultimate reality, what other alternative is there?

Quite frankly, there is none. As a human race, we abruptly find ourselves at the edge of the grand canyon. We have no answers. We are simply lost—lost in space. All we know is that we are floating on this dirt ball somewhere out in the milky way galaxy, and death awaits each one of us at the conclusion of our physical life. Even if we live to our 100th birthday, the end will surely come. Some people do their best to avoid taxes. But no one will dodge the grim reaper.

That is why Hollywood makes all of these contact movies—where the human race is only able to survive by making contact with "extra-terrestrials.” Currently there are hundreds of books and websites that discuss this as being our only hope. A very scary hope indeed.

So in the meantime most us just try to make the best of our situation. We focus on the here and now, attempting to find love and financial security during our lifetime. And then live life to the hilt—knowing that life will someday end (but try not to think too much about it).

But the simple fact remains. All of us are here. We exist! And most people do not even have even a clue as to the reason why.

Letters in the Sand

So how do we find the ultimate reality? Here is a little illustration.

Suppose you are walking along a beach, and suddenly written in the sand are the words "I love you.” What sort of conclusion could you draw from this? Where there was once just miles of smooth uninterrupted sand, something has suddenly changed the status quo.

First of all, you would probably not conclude that some lucky wave scribbled the words—obviously some form of intelligence made the marks! You don’t know exactly who did it, or who was the intended recipient of the message, or even when it happened. All you can do is simply verify that it happened. But unless you were there at the time, or you know somebody else who was a witness, you have absolutely no way of knowing any of the facts pertaining to "I love you” written in the sand.

The same principle is true about life in general—we simply exist and are here on this planet! We can only see reality up to a certain point, but not beyond that. And that is precisely where the scientists run smack into a brick wall. They can see and feel the effects of the creation process, but have no knowledge of the underlying cause or purpose or meaning behind all of it. Even the philosopher Job, from the oldest book in the Bible, asked the question,

"Can you by searching find out God? Can you find the limits of the Almighty? They are higher than the heavens—what can you do?” (Job 11:7).

The answer is in the affirmative. "What can you do?” Absolutely nothing! The reason is because, as humans, we are limited by three things.

  • Space
  • Time
  • The Physical dimension.

As I look around at my surroundings, I find myself sitting in my office here in Oregon, USA (space). The time is 11:15 P.M., Monday, March 30, 2009 (time). And I am limited to what I can see, hear, taste, smell, and touch (the physical dimension). At this moment, I know nothing beyond this. I can’t change the past. I don’t know what the future is going to be. I may not even be alive 24 hours from now. It is impossible to print or publish next Tuesday’s newspaper before Tuesday arrives.

Science vs. Reality

And that is precisely why science has failed. It is limited to these three things—space, time, and the physical dimension. Science cannot prove/disprove that God created the earth because it cannot go back in time and observe the process (it can only detect mere traces of it). Nor can science prove that God exists, simply because God cannot be captured and placed in a test tube to be analyzed in the laboratory. The Almighty is "higher than the heavens." It has no way to get past that. It has no way to peek into the spiritual realm (and even questions whether a spiritual realm even exists).

Just like the message written in the sand, I may well know that all these questions about life and my existence are valid, but I have no objective way to explain it. There is no way to penetrate the deeper question…

that is, unless the person who wrote in the sand comes and tells me that they are the One who did it, and the love message (hopefully) was intended for me.

The Messenger is the One who must take the initiative. The person who created me must come to me personally.And that is precisely what happened when God sent His only begotten Son into this world. God Himself reached down to man. The great and Eternal Jehovah God, the Lord of heaven and earth, the Ancient of Days, Almighty God Himself who created all things by His eternal knowledge, wisdom, and power—He actually and physically became a man and was born as a little human baby in a manger. The eternal God entered both space and time—our space and time!

But, you may ask, "How do we know that this is really true, and not just one more example of religious wishful thinking?"

As this website will scientifically demonstrate and prove, God has indeed made contact. He has given us an EXCLUSIVE mathematical code in the Bible, or scientifically provable key and supernatural signature, that will begin to unlock the BIG picture.

In just two more chapters, the curtain is going to rise. The spotlights will come on. And the answers will stare us right in the face. The question is, will we be able to accept it? Accept it on the Giver's terms, that is? Are we willing to crucify our own goodness and self righteousness and accept the REAL reality? Are we willing to forsake the cynicism and unbelief that prevails in our modern day society? Are all of us willing to be humble? That is going to be the only question that you as an individual must answer.

If you are willing to be humble, if you can discipline your mind and sit still for a tiny fraction of your life span; if you can develope a burning desire to simply learn; if you will put forth some serious efforts and focus your mind within the following chapters, the rewards from this website will be considerable.

Back to Religion

So why have all of man’s efforts at religion failed? Here is the reason. Religion is man's attempt to reach God. It is man trying "to find the limits of the Almighty." It is man attempting to understand a higher power simply because he is curious, or feels guilty—the real motivation is self satisfaction and self preservation. Or to fulfil one’s own measure of self righteousness—the delusion that we can get to heaven by OUR own good works or OUR OWN PERSONAL UNDERSTANDING of reality. Or as new age philosophy teaches, we can discover God "by looking inside ourselves."

What it all boils down to is the fact that WE want to be the ones who are in control. WE want to define "God"—what God is and who God is.

Unfortunately, God is not easily baited and He refuses to play the game. God is not interested in satisfying man’s intellectual curiosity. Or letting us work out our "own" plan of salvation. He is not interested in simply answering our questions and then watching us go our merry way. If man is determined to save himself, God simply lets him try and figure things out on his own.

God only desires a legitimate and long term/eternal relationship—based upon mutual love and respect and honesty. Until that is achieved, God simply hides himself and let’s man "go figure." It is the pride of our individuality and desire for self preservation that brings forth the stumbling block.

So far, all of man’s attempts at discovering truth have failed. So far the Creator has done a spectacularly good job of hiding himself. Yet for some reason, in the year 2009, God has sovereignly decided to break that rule, and allowed to lift the veil of secrecy.