Chapter 2a:

The Theomatics Phenomenon

The Original Code in the Bible


Here is where the objective aspect of this journey begins. Here is where the inductive reasoning process will take over and separate all religious thoughts (man’s ideas and man’s logic) from the Creator’s wisdom and knowledge. Here is where truth—coupled with an entirely new and objective science—will finally put us on the true stage of reality.

A Little History

For the past thirty plus years, the author of Angelfall has been involved in researching a supernatural phenomenon he partially discovered in 1975 at 25 years of age. A new word was invented in order to describe this phenomenon. It is the word “theomatics." The Greek word for God is "Theo," and when combined with the suffix for the word mathematics, the result is "theomatics." It means "the numbers or mathematics of God."The website that discusses this subject has received as much as 100,000 hits per month, i.e. and/or

In 1976 Del Washburn met Jerry Lucas and co-authored the book, Theomatics: God's Best Kept Secret Revealed, which Jerry promoted. Jerry Lucas is recognized as one of the 50 greatest basketball players of all time and is currently enshrined in the NBA hall of fame. He is also a world renowned memory expert. In 1974 he wrote The Memory Book, which was the second best selling book in the world after the Watergate book, All the President's Men. He also appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson no less than six times demonstrating his amazing memory feats.

Since that time, two additional books on theomatics have been published by University Press of America in Washington, D.C., which have now sold a total of over 100,000 copies in hard cover editions. See

Yet amazingly, this subject has received virtually zero coverage in the media. People who have studied theomatics and looked carefully at the evidence, are "beside themselves." Many have written and asked, "Where is all the noise?" Yet the vast number of people out there have no comprehension or knowledge that something like this even exists in the real world.

Understanding Theomatics

It will be imperative that you obtain a brief understanding of this incredible and fascinating subject before we can move forward with Angelfall. Once you have a basic understanding and comprehension of the discovery, everything that follows on this website will take you to a whole new world of understanding and objective reality. So the brief time you invest here will pay rich dividens.

In a certain sense, we will be crawling into a time machine and entering through a door into another universe. Everything you know or think about life, including your own personal world view, will be reduced to zero. The sum total of all of man’s academic knowledge accumulated throughout the ages—both scientific and theological—all the information stored in the library of congress… all the information stored on the hard drives of every computer on earth… virtually none of it will be of any value here.

The important fact to point out, is that no one on the face of the earth has any sort of measuring stick by which they can judge or deny what you are about to see demonstrated. THE FACT THAT THIS SUPERNATURAL CODE EXISTS IN THE BIBLE IS BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT. When faced with the hard evidence, most people will have absolutely no idea what to even do with it. Yet no one can debate the validity—it stands over, above, and beyond every human thought. THIS IS SOMETHING 100% SUPERNATURAL. Furthermore—the fact it is true—this is something that can be proven in a scientific laboratory.

It is important to realize that the discovery of theomatics does two things.

  • This code in the Bible scientifically proves that "God" Himself wrote it—the code could not have possibly been placed there by any human intelligence. This fact will be very obvious (see Chapter 2k on the Scientific proof of the Discovery). The only work of literature ever written in the history of mankind, apparently, that contains this phenomenon, are the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments (see Chapter 2oWhat About Other World of Literature?).
  • The way and manner this code in the Bible operates, will give us new understanding into the true meaning of the Bible. In otherwords, the Creator Himself came up with His very own objective truth/based system, and deliberately hid the ultimate intended meanings of the Bible (and the BIG universal picture) inside this coded system.

Putting it simply, understanding theomatics is understanding how God thinks. Theomatics is God’s own personal esoteric system.

Introduction To the Code

Inside the words of the Bible text, there exists an interpretive system, based upon a complex mathematical numbering system, that is not immediately apparent from just a surface reading of the words and grammar.

In otherwords, the surface words of the Bible that man has read, comprehended, and loved over the centuries, comprises only a very small part—a miniscule part—of the total picture that the Creator originally had in His mind when He composed the Bible. We are now just beginning to see and comprehend this system.

When a person reads the Bible, these surface words are simply the visible portion (the upper layer) of a massive superstructure—a superstructure of galactic proportions.

Consider this.What could possibly be more significant than the absolute scientific proof that God wrote the Bible—thus eclipsing all other religions and proving that the Bible is the only valid source of truth? Furthermore, this same scientific proof also contains both the hidden message and the secret plan—the most intimate intentions and thoughts of the very Creator Himself—as well as the revealing of where man came from and what man's ultimate destiny is going to be?

We don’t think anybody would disagree that if the above statement is in fact true—nothing could be more important. Therefore, the only question that remains is the following:

If the above declaration is absolutely true (after it has been carefully examined and scientifically proven as fact)—are we then willing to accept and believe the implications? Anybody who looks objectively at the evidence you are about to witness, will be forced to answer that question.

It is important to point out, especially to Christians, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Bible as we have always known it. By reading the simple words in the Bible and by understanding the literal meaning of the open text, God has given mankind all the information he needs to live his life upon earth and do God’s will. In otherwords, God has not hidden any of the essential truth.

The key point here is that this coded system in the Bible has nothing to do with historical knowledge. It is going to take the Bible up into another dimension. None of it originated from the heart or mind of man. As men "wrote" the Bible, they apparently had no knowledge that this code was secretly being placed inside the text by ANOTHER intelligence—an Intelligence that was somehow able to arrange and manipulate all the historical events of the Bible without people being consciously aware of it, and then controlling the very minds and thoughts of the earthly men who actually penned the documents.

Furthermore, in order to make this code work, God had to supernaturally engineer the original languages of the Bible (the Old Testament was written in ancient Hebrew, and the New Testament in Greek). In reality, these two languages are actual "heavenly" languages that God slipped into the unpresuming historical/cultural development of ancient civilizations, without mankind having any apparent knowledge of this fact. The Holy Spirit was designing each word with the exact spelling so its numerical value would work out to the pre-determined number. What took place under the spontaneous and unassuming cultural development of language, was actually divinely orchestrated.

What is also interesting to point out, is the fact that the very basis for this code in the Bible—this is something that has been known for thousands of years, even since the time before Christ. Thousands of people over the centuries have poked and proded along the fringes of it. In fact, the great British scientist Isaac Newton devoted a huge amount of his life trying to decipher a hidden code in the Bible. He considered finding it to be the "holy grail" and most important thing he could possibly do. He did not succeed in that effort.

Yet other individuals did discover traces of it. In fact, this code goes by the well known terms "gematria," and "isopsephia." The Jewish mystics also utilized this same coded system in their well known "Kabala" —a system that partially originated in Babylon. But here too, they did not comprehend its true significance or the ultimate way it was designed to work. (Note: Most all of Kabala is mystical nonsense without an objective scientific basis whatsoever.)

For some strange reason, God allowed man to walk and stumble all over the top of it, yet never quite see it.

There are supernatural forces at work that keeps man from finding out more than the Creator wants him to know at any given point in history. This is true of the natural world as well. Why was it that man existed on earth for thousands of years, but only recently was electricity discovered, the telephone, television, man invented cars and the airplane, and now we are in the computer age? The current explosion of knowledge was deliberately suppressed from man until a Higher Power decided "it was time."

The Other Bible Code

It should be pointed out that theomatics is not in any way associated with, nor is it the same thing as the "Bible Code" subject that has received a lot of publicity in the media the past few years (about one million sites mention the Bible code in a Google search as of January 2008). We are referring to the recent discoveries in Israel, sometimes called "Torah Codes," or ELS (which is the code based upon "Equi-distant Letter Sequences", i.e. the letter skipping technique).

We presently do not believe that there is any scientific credibility or validity to this ELS Bible code. The whole thing, apparently, has no scientific or mathematical validity. In recent years it has "dropped like a rock." Some of the supposed "discoveries" actually border on the ridiculous and absurd. This code is a form of divination and has nothing to do with the overt message of the Bible. World renown mathematicians have debunked the Bible code repeatedly. Yet numerous proponents still remain convinced. You can see our in depth analysis and comparison of theomatics to the Bible code in Chapter 2p here on Angelfall.

The Big Clincher

When most skeptics hear claims of this nature, claims that perhaps sound too incredible to be true, the cynics generally follow a two step process. The initial reaction is (1) to say that the claims are groundless and completely untrue, and without any basis of merit to begin with. Yet, when it can be demonstrated that, indeed, there really IS an actual or objective basis for the claims, then the next step is (2) to try and explain away the results. In other words, try to find a natural or logical explanation for the supposed "findings" that diminishes or strips it from being anything special.

Theomatics stuffs a shoe in the hole of both alternatives. The clincher in favor of theomatics is that three planets must line up in order for this theomatics Bible code to have any statistical validity or claim of uniqueness.

  1. The patterns or phenomenon only appear within the Bible text and apparently in no other work of literature ever written, in any language (see explanation in Chapter 2o—What About Other Works of Literature?).

  2. The patterns only appear with the numerical values to the letters of historical record (there are 403 septillion random permutations possible with the same numerical allocations—all of which are scientifically or equally "valid," but none of which can work). Only the one numerical arrangement of the alphabets of historical record can produce meaningful results. (See complete Scientific Explanation of this in Chapter 2k).

  3. Here now is the clincher. Even in the Bible and with the proper numerical values to the letters—THE PATTERNS ONLY APPEAR WITH WORDS AND PHRASES HAVING A COMMON THEOLOGICAL MEANING OR RELATIONSHIP. Anything else only produces randomness. This proves that the language structure itself and/or some mathematical quirk is not producing the results.

The third item above eliminates any grammatical or natural cause explanation for the results, and can only prove a divine/supernatural element or "Intelligence" as the logical explanation. This aspect is the one insurmountable high hurdle that all the skeptics will have absolutely no explanation for. It is impossible to happen. Yet there it is! As one statistical scientist has stated who investigated theomatics independently (see and Chapter 2o).

"A hierarchy of theological aspects is hard to imagine.

A Truly Objective System

The one factor that separates theomatics from everything else out there is very simply this. The data proving this concept can be demonstrated in a scientific laboratory. In other words, it is 100% conclusive. What you are about to witness is objective fact—not somebody’s religious ideas or philosophical bias. If the time ever comes that theomatics is independently verified by the scientific community, and also recognized by the world's media, this discovery would probably go down in history as the greatest single event (and baffling mystery to most people) of all time. Again, what could be more significant than: (1) the absolute scientific proof that Creator of the universe—personally—wrote the Bible. And then, (2) to be able and understand the hidden message that comes straight from the very heart and mind of that Creator? Nothing. Absolutely nothing, could top that.

Yet the sovereign God will probably never allow that degree of universal acceptance to ever take place (you will understand why later in this presentation). Even though anyone with a logical brain can easily see and verify this undeniable proof—right before their very eyes—it is our prediction that the God of heaven, will deliberately blind and block anyone who is skeptical and LACKS HONEST FAITH, from ever believing or comprehending its significance (see Chapter 3e entitled Higher than the Heavens, and also Chapter 10a on Entering Heaven's Gate).

Right now the skeptics have no genuine interest in this subject, and when they do hear about it, the whole thing seems strange and bizarre—they mock it as being ridiculous nonsense and are completely cynical, finding it just too "unbelievable" to even investigate. A few so called Christians and atheists have made an attempt and set up websites deliberately trying to debunk it. In studying those sites, it is obvious they are almost totally subjective in their analysis, or use a completely false pretense and premise, and have no real understanding of what they are even talking about—they either ignore or skirt around the objective data and/or apply a testing method that is totally irrelevant to the facts (see

Yet the data you are about to witness is mathematically impossible to occur and 100% inpenetrable by the skeptics. There is no way they can statistically prove that the data is random and the results arbitrarily selected from someone "picking and choosing" from random numbers (which would be the only possible explanation if theomatics was untrue).

It has been proven time and time again that the odds of this happening by chance, on even the most simple and basic theomatic patterns in the Bible, is millions and billions to one (after every mathematical possibility has been exhausted by computer). The definitions are clearly definable and the parameters for all mathematical possibilities can be set in stone—there is no possible wiggle room left (picking and choosing the results, i.e. showing what does work but ignoring the failures).

This phenomenon defies all mathematical laws and axioms. Supernatural and divine intelligence is the only possible explanation for it.

It is now time to begin explaining this discovery.

Two versions will be shown. One will be a very short and brief explanation that does not get involved in a lot of detail. The other is the more complete version that explains the subject comprehensively. You can view the short version first and move on through the website, coming back later to study the longer version if you are so inspired. Or if you are a person who wants to know all the facts and nitty gritty details, you can start with the longer version.

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