Chapter 4d

The Issue

of Pre-Existence

(and Other Critical Matters)


This is a website that deals with one fundamental question. When two people, a man and a woman, come together in a sexual union, and a child is conceived and born into this world, is that the very first time that person or living being ever had any conscious existence? In otherwords, at the moment of conception, is a brand new spirit and soul created in conjunction with the physical body? Or did a "pre-existing spirit" or conscious living being, simply enter the womb, instead of being created in the womb? Saying this another way, did all of us exist prior to our natural birth into this world? Did our spirit being perhaps come from another space/time dimension?

Throughout the ages, people everywhere have asked themselves this very question. Virtually every person who lives and breathes, has wondered or thought about it at least once during their lifetime. Even Christians who believe the Bible have imagined whether or not there may have been some sort of pre-existence (of course they wouldn't have a clue as to what that might be because the Bible does not openly address the issue).

Everybody has heard of the concept of re-incarnation, where after a person dies they are reborn and come back as another person. The Hindus believe that a person's soul can even return as an animal, fish, or bird. (That idea is where the expression, "a monkey's uncle," comes from—in India if you kill that annoying monkey he might be your deceased uncle).

Many religions, particularly the far Eastern religions (Hindus, Budhists, Shintos), all believe in the pre-existence and re-incarnation of the human soul. So do the American indians. New age mysticism in all of its various forms is rife with speculation about pre-existence. The Mormon religion believes that all of us are the spirit children of a man/god named "Elohym," and his thousands of wives, and that we came from a planet that orbits a star named "Kolob."

When it comes to the origin of man's soul, we certainly cannot look to science for the answers. Nor can we hope to find an objective answer within the realm of religion. Even from a surface reading of the Bible text there appears to be no solution. So where can the answer be found?

The Bible Indeed Holds the Answer

Most Christian churches affirm that Christ Jesus, as the Eternal Word, had a pre-existence (called "the theophanies" by theologians). But they would adamantly deny that man had any such pre-earth life. Most would believe that the spirit of man was created at the same time as our physical body, and that our spirits and souls are no older than our bodies. Since the Bible does not just come out and openly "say" that each person living in this world pre-existed, then by default, we must draw the conclusion that our very first beginning was at physical birth. This is the standard Christian or evangelical position (although you won't hear very many sermons on this topic). Bible scholars absolutely ignore this subject across the board—it is basically seen as little more than worthless speculation, and most certainly not a central doctrine clearly set forth in scripture.

Many Christian leaders and pastors, will tend to be a cynical and feel uncomfortable relative to any discussion about a pre-existence. Some may even suggest that this is forbidden territory, a taboo topic that God does not want us meddling in—"It is probably a waste of time to even talk about the subject, instead we should focus our attention on more important matters from the Bible."

We disagree 100%. If God has indeed helped us to actually find buried treasure, then we dare not cover it back up again (it needs to be carefully looked at and evaluated, and then treated with respect as something of value).

What we are about to find out, is that God the Creator has indeed given all of us the answers to this pre-existence question. But again, He has hidden and embedded it behind a complex and elaborate system of allegorical symbolism in the Bible.

Both the facts and hard evidence you are about to witness in the chapters to follow this one, will speak volumes for themselves in regards to this whole concept of pre-existence.

Missing the Connection

In the Bible this is both a misunderstood subject and an untaught subject, simply because it appears that the Bible is openly silent on the issue. Yet the angelic conflict is mentioned all through the Bible along with the casting down of the rebellious angels. In fact, all through scriptures it talks about the angels falling to earth. This is a major theme in scripture that very few people have ever sat down and thought through in a detailed and comprehensive manner.

People do not see the connection between the angelic rebellion from heaven and man upon earth. Bible proponents are OBLIVIOUS to this and have completely missed the point of the matter. Virtually nobody sees the link. This fact is rather startling. Yet it explains everything as to why this world exists and why man is upon this earth.

The theomatics Bible code will deal a death blow to this apathetic notion and lack of deeper insight. It will prove beyond any reasonable doubt—absolutely and conclusively—that all of us indeed had a prior existence—A VERY SPECIFIC prior existence. And it is all connected to the angelic realm.

What we are about to find out, is that the Bible is saturated with the answer—it can be found cover to cover and right out in the open text—from Genesis to Revelation. Yet God in His great eternal wisdom has secretly and cleverly hidden this BIG picture—it is hidden behind an elaborate and complex system of symbology. It is evidently knowledge only intended by God to be revealed through esoteric methodology and also at a certain point in time. Once the wraps come off, the facts will stare us right in the face. And all of it will agree perfectly with what the Bible says right out in the open text. You will be absolutely amazed.

After the deep symbolism is understood, then you will clearly see the fact that everything the Bible says openly and overtly, has a double and deeper meaning. Much of it relates to the pre-existence—a pre-existence in which all of us played a part and for which we will ultimately be judged someday before our Creator.

The message of Angelfall is going to point us directly as individuals to the truth, a truth that all of us are going to have to face and come to grips with. As humans, each one of us is responsible to our Creator and accountable for our OWN actions. This message is extremely solemn and sobering. It will be terminal.

What is going to be most significant about all of this, is the fact that our understand and the conclusions we must arrive at, will be based upon inductive/scientific logic. There is little room here for speculation and guess work. In otherwords, the flower will simply unfold itself right before our eyes and "there it will be!" The truth will become self evident. All we have to do is stand back, look at it, and simply marvel.

Reincarnation vs. Incarnation

Before going deeper into this discussion, let's stop for a moment and examine the concept of pre-existence from a logical point of view. It needs to be pointed out that there is a vast difference between the subjects of incarnation vs. reincarnation.

We know that re-incarnation is not a valid concept, because the Bible EXPLICITLY and unambiguously denies it in Hebrews 9:27.

"And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment."

If we could be born into many different lifetimes, then we would be dying more than once, which would be a direct contradiction of a clear statement in scripture. So the idea of re-incarnation is not a likely scenario.

But what is also important to point out, is the fact that there is not one single verse (or proof text) anywhere in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, that rules out the indea of incarnation. In reading the surface words of the Bible, this is apparently a mute subject. It is not openly discussed one way or the other, in any passage.

There are verses in the Bible that strongly assert (or at the very least present the distinct possibility) that a number of Bible individuals did indeed pre-exist prior to their physical births into this world—specifically Jeremiah and Job (see Chapter 6c on the 141 angel numbers).

Therefore, we can safely assume that if the Bible does not openly promote incarnation, but on the other hand does not specifically rule it out either, then we can reasonably and safely draw the conclusion that incarnation MAY ACTUALLY BE POSSIBLE. Why not? Just like flipping a coin, there would be a 50% chance it is true, and 50% chance it is false. Putting all prejudice aside, those are pretty good odds.

Those Nagging Bible Questions

For centuries, Christian people everywhere have been frustrated. There are some huge holes and unanswered questions in the Bible Gospel story that have never made sense to anybody. And no Bible scholar can answer these objections. At least not in a manner that most people would find acceptable. If you are a Christian (or you have been preached to by a Christian), you have undoubtedly heard the following scenario. The story goes something like this.

"The Bible teaches us that man is born a sinner. Jesus came from heaven to earth and died on the cross for your sins. In order for you to be saved and go to heaven, you must confess your sins, accept Jesus as your saviour, and be born again. Those who believe and accept will be forgiven by God and they will go to heaven when they die. Those who do not believe, will spend eternity with the devil in hell."

If you ask the average Christian of fundamental Bible college professor why all of this is true, or how all of this came about, He will tell you very simply,

"It was because of Adam's sin in the Garden of Eden—because of what our first parents did. That is the only reason all of us today are born sinners. Adam's sin, its guilt, and its subsequent curse were automatically imputed to all his descendants. And that is why everyone born today has an Adamic sin nature dwelling inside of him. That is, because of what those two people did way back then in the garden—we have now become 'by nature the children of wrath.'"


Hold Your Horses!

Now wait a minute! You mean to tell me, that God is going to judge me—me personally—for what some guy did 6000 years ago? I'm not Adam! I'm Joe Smith. I did not even exist back then. Why would God judge me for what some character did 6000 years ago in a garden over in the Middle East?

Even our own justice system would never think of arresting a man and convicting him of a bank robbery his grandfather committed back in the 1930's. That would be ludicrous! According to common civilized logic, each person is accountable for their OWN actions.

Yet amazingly, every evangelical theologian will tell you that the only reason you are born a sinner, the only reason we will be judged and condemned to an everlasting hell, is because of what one jokester did 6000 years ago. Bible scholars have formulated elaborate explanations on how all this Adam/us stuff fits together. But no matter how sincere or how hard they try, the answers will still leave a dry taste in people's mouths. Something just does not add up with the whole thing.

"Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned" (Rom 5:12).

This verse, while true, does not provide us with the complete picture. There is much more understanding necessary before all of this can be comprehensively understood.

Back to the Question of Pre-Existence

If the standard presumption is true, then that must mean that if no person ever pre-existed, and we all came into existence simply because our parents had sex. Then that must also mean that we all became sinners simply by being "randomly" created? No other conclusion is possible.

How positively ridiculous! If that is true, then that must surely mean that God is randomly creating billions of people, declaring them sinners, and sending them into everlasting judgment…

For What?

Would it not, therefore, make more sense for people (particularly Christian couples) to simply "play it safe," and stop having sex and making more babies—because by doing so we are creating new beings who probably WON'T accept Christianity and submit to God—thus sending those newly created souls to hell?

Here is the inescapable point to all this. If we are born and created sinners, if we are helpless to avoid sin because of a wicked nature we inherited from Adam, then God is creating us and then judging us individually for something that we personally never did. And furthermore, cannot even help ourselves concerning. This would be sort of like punishing a dog because he barks. A dog cannot help this—he simply barks because that is in his "dog nature" to do so. No one would think of proposing the killing of all dogs because they bark.

So to judge people simply because of Adam—this directly contradicts many statements of Scripture, which teach emphatically that each person is accountable to God for their OWN actions.

"And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to THEIR works" (Rev 20:12).

Why Did God Allow this to Continue?

Here is another question to ponder. After Adam and Eve fell, God must have surely known that every person born thereafter would by default automatically be lost in sin because of Adam's poluted blood. Why didn't He just nip the whole thing in the bud right then and there and start all over with a different plan? In otherwords, by allowing the reproductive process to continue—with billions of people over a period of 6000 years to be born into sin, living and dying in sin—He is by default creating billions of living souls who will end up in damnation.

That seems very unfair, don't you think?

It's not even logical.

Furthermore, in the Old Testament times, the only people who even had the opportunity to be saved, were the Children of Israel. God allowed huge civilizations to exist throughout the ancient world that had no light of understanding whatsoever (the Egyptians, the Greek empire, the Persian empire, the Chinese and far Eastern empires, etc). None of these people had any knowledge of the Living God, and are apparently lost for all eternity.

"Who in times past suffered all nations to walk in their own ways" (Act 14:16).

But it is on this next argument that this incorrigible picture completely comes apart at the seams.

A Total Meltdown

It is a proven fact that multiplied millions of people have lived on earth, died, and never so much as ever heard the name of Jesus, much less God's "plan" of salvation. People in the jungles of Africa and South America, the American indians before Columbus, natives on Pacific South Sea islands. That is why churches have sent thousands of missionaries.

Yet christians believe that God holds all men accountable for accepting or rejecting Christ. BUT WHAT IF THEY HAVE NEVER HEARD THE GOSPEL STORY? Surely these people who have never heard, cannot go to heaven. How can they be held accountable? How can God be fair without at least giving them a chance to accept the new way of salvation?

"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved" (Acts 4:12).

That means that God is allowing the sex act to create sinners, who never pre-existed and did anything wrong, whom after they are born, never have the opportunity to even hear the salvation story. And now they are going to spend eternity lost forever, for what somebody else did 6000 years ago???

Come on, you've got to be kidding? Christians really believe that?

Yes they do believe that.

This is indeed the picture that millions of Christians simply accept, and amazingly pastors and Bible teachers go through their entire lives in an attitude of denial about these flaws in christian logic. They accept the half baked explanations simply because the Bible seems to indicate on the surface that everything points to one man's sin (and that's "just the way it is, case closed! And please don't confuse me with any more questions about it"). So the problematic aspects are simply swept under the carpet, and the parishioners walk away scratching their heads.

The bottom line is that Christians the world over have absolutely no objective answers to these kind of questions. They are totally stumped and find themselves on a dead end street.

In fact, there are many implications coming out from these issues and presuppositions that will provide further confusion and unanswered questions concerning many things in the Bible. The list is long, and we won't take the time to discuss it here. More issues will be addressed throughout Angelfall.

Comment: Growing up for many years, I heard what is commonly referred to as "the age of accountability" doctrine. Accordingly, only when a person reaches a certain age does God hold them accountable to believe the gospel (some teach that 12 years old is the "age of accountability"). If a person dies before that age, they automatically go to heaven. After that age they are lost forever. Needless to say, this concept is not taught anywhere in the Bible, but simply assumed. Most churches that believe this are strongly Armenian and not Calvinistic, i.e. their total emphasis is on human responsibility vs. God's sovereignty and divine election.


The important fact to realize is that God is not an ignorant Being. He knows everything and He sees everything. It's only that He has not yet shown us the back side of the moon. For God in His wisdom has indeed hidden the BIG picture for a reason. You will soon know why.

Over the years, Christians have heard and loved the Gospel Story. But that Gospel story has never been completed. Angelfall will now give us the more complete picture. It will tell us the other half of the story—the half that has yet to be told. It will provide answers to all the above questions.