Section 6 Introduction

The Bible Code and Angelfall ~ The Objective Data

And Greek Textual Information

This section is by far the most voluminous on this website. Here we are going to be looking at nine theomatic structures and patterns that tie the pieces together. It goes without saying, that this massive amount of data is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to confirming the Angelfall premise. Yet it covers a whole spectrum of aspects related the both the premise and its conclusion. The following will give you a brief summary or road map of what you will be seeing here.

122 and the Angels Kicked out of Heaven

This pattern was shown briefly at the front of Angelfall, in the initial examples demonstrating theomatics (see 2g). Those features to do with Satan and the dragon were all from one chapter of Revelation 12. Here we will expand this pattern and show where virtually everything to do SPECIFICALLY with the warfare in heaven and the casting down itself, is saturated with this 122 pattern.

Man Placed on Earth and the Number 350

This most unusual and interesting number 350 appears on specific references to do with man being PLACED upon earth and formed or created out of the dust.

The Stupendous 141/470 Pattern.

This is by far the largest chapter in Angelfall, over 300 pages in length. It shows the clear and distinct evidence linking men upon earth to the angels that fell.

The Number 558 and Kicked out of Eden

This statistically huge number 558, manifests itself on specific words and phrases having to do with the actual act of the casting down itself. You will be amazed.

Adam, Lucifer, the Cherub, and 45/90 Dominion

All Christians believe that Adam was created to have dominion and rule. There is a very specific pattern that ties into all that, and also shows us the Adamic connection to two very important passages in the Bible—the account of "Lucifer" in Isaiah 14 who tried to set his throne in heaven, and the "anointed guardian cherub" in Ezekiel 28, whom the Bible says was "in Eden the garden of God." Who really was this Lucifer and this anointed cherub? Theomatics holds the key and the answer.

Cast from Eden—124—Cast from Heaven

Here it will be shown the connection between the earthly garden of Eden and how that relates to the heavenly paradise. The pattern of 124 shows how the original sin in Eden is tied to the heavenly picture and the fall from heaven.

The Blind Man in John Chapter 9

This entire chapter in the gospel of John, is all about the man Jesus healed who was blind from birth. This account is speaking of more than just physical blindness, rather spiritual blindness. The birth this is referring to about goes clear back to the original angelic "birth" and creation in heaven.

Prodigal Son Features

In a previous chapter 5g of the last section, the meaning of the prodigal son was explained and how that story that Jesus gave relates to the angels in heaven—both the good ones that remained faithful vs. the younger son that left his Father's house in rebellion. Here we show the actual theomatic results that prove the angelic connection within this story.

The Astounding 103 Fatted Calf, Serpent, Beast, Stars,

Moon Pattern

This is one of the most fascinating and unusual structures that winds its way through a number of related topics. It will bring out the incredible depth of the symbolism that exists in God's Word.

Comments on the New Testament Greek Text

See Theomatics II, Appendix D, pp. 625-637 for a complete discussion on the textual issue and text used.

For the most part, all examples on this website come from the Majority Text, either from the primary text or variant readings in footnotes.

THE GREEK NEW TESTAMENT According to the Majority Text, Zane C. Hodges and Arthur L. Farstad, Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, 1985.

It became impractical to try and go back through and confirm every example, as to primary text vs. footnote readings, and indicate those, because so many features over the years had been compiled within numerous studies. A person can verify any example on this website by obtaining a copy of the Majority Text.

Only a scant handful of the thousands of features presented came from the Nestle text or related footnotes not found in Majority (Mat 24:29 is one example—åê vs. áðï). These are indicated in some instances as (vn), i.e. variant Nestle.

When we began the research, everything was based upon Nestle. As work progressed, we realized that the Majority text was far more accurate 97% of the time.

The Hebrew text is virtually flawless without any variant readings used. The text used is the Michigan Text.