It is suggested that every person reading this synopsis, read it SLOWLY at least
two to three times, and think carefully about everything that is said.
It will take time for all of this to sink in.


The existence—or lack of—a God is one of humanity's fundamental questions. Since the first birth,

the first sunrise, the first death, humans have sought to explain the world around them.

The whole of human existence, in the end, comes down to one simple question:

Is there a God?

The Angelfall Synopsis

A Brief summary of both the message and conclusions of this website

The journey before us may seem incomprehensible to most people. How does one write a book that claims to provide objective answers to the eternal questions—the mysteries that have stretched the greatest philosophical and religious minds since the beginning of time? Even if one were to hold in his hand the golden key to the door of the vault, how would that person go about convincing others in this cynical and skeptical world, that the answer to "why all things" has finally been discovered?

That is the challenge of Angelfall.

So let us begin by again asking the questions. Why do all things exist? Why have billions of people come and gone over the centuries? What is the purpose? What is the plan? Why do I as an individual even exist on this earth? Am I just a sexual accident, destined to grow up and breed like my parents, work at a burdensome job all my life, only to finally retire in an attempt to enjoy my wealth (and then have to spend all my wealth just to keep my health?) And finally die.

And then what happens after that? Is that the end of our conscious existence? Or will there perhaps be some sort of a new beginning "over the rainbow"—life after death in another dimension? Somewhere.

Which brings up the question of heaven. Is it a real place? Does it actually exist? Or is the idea of paradise just a myth based upon wishful thinking?

Many religious people believe that the Bible provides the answers to these sorts of questions (other religions have worked out their own plan of salvation as well). But how do we know for sure the Bible can be trusted? Did God honestly write it? Or is it simply a collection of Jewish myths and fables, along with the aberrant teachings of some early Christian zealots? Don't people have the right to be skeptical?

Let us not forget that the Bible teaches some pretty preposterous things. The whole central theme of the book is that very God Himself, became a man, and was conceived by the Holy Spirit inside a sexless virgin, and was then born as the Christmas babe in the manger. Who then grew up and was crucified by the Romans on a cross, and according to the scriptures died for the sins of the whole world. And to top it all off, three days later, He supposedly resurrected from the dead to prove that He was Divine and had indeed come from heaven. Furthermore, the Bible teaches that if we believe on Him and become "born again Christians," then that is the only way we can ever hope to go to heaven after we die. But if we refuse to believe in God's only begotten Son and repent of our sins, then the God of the universe will forever punish us and we will end up in the "other place."

As humans, we tend to recoil at the idea that there might be a God of absolutes, or that Someone may actually judge me someday. But one fact is certain. Either all of this Bible stuff is entirely true—Jesus was who He claimed to be—or the whole thing is nothing but a big fat lie and two billion Christians and Catholics worldwide are in some sort of a religious delusion, following nothing but fiction and fantasy. Like Alice in Wonderland, they are living in a world of make believe.

There is no gray area here. This is a black or white issue. You cannot "partially" believe or accept the Bible. It is either the work of God entirely, or it is the work of man entirely. And if it is the work of God, then what it says must be taken seriously. Obviously.

"But wait a minute," some people may object. "Does not the Islamic religion believe that their Koran came directly from God by the prophet Mohamed? And what about the Book of Mormon? Other religions have their sacred writings as well."

These are critical questions that are certainly valid, and they demand an answer. And they need to be answered in an objective and scientific manner (see Chapter 2o and Chapter 2k on the scientific method and testing).

Yet no matter what religion anyone may choose to believe, let us not forget one simple fact. The major hurdle that we all face as a human race, the major problem that man will never solve no matter how technologically advanced he becomes—no one will ever be able to create life or explain how life began, nor will man ever be able to conquer death and figure out how to live forever. Life on this earth will someday come to an abrupt end when the undertaker drives up and removes the gurney from the back of the van with the smoked glass windows. That is the stark reality that every human being must face.

A Deeper Look

But let us slow down a little and look deeper at the question. Even some "Christians" would probably agree, however, even though the Bible tells us many wonderful and mysterious things, how much of it can one honestly believe or take at face value? Here are just a few examples.

  • Did the children of Israel—tens of thousands of people—actually walk through the middle of the Red sea, and as the Bible describes it, the waters stood vertical as a wall on their left and right? (Exo 14:22)
  • Did the prophet Jonah actually live in the stomach of a big fish for three days and nights after he was swallowed? (Mat 12:40)
  • Did Joshua literally make the sun stand still and the earth quit revolving for the better part of a day? (Jos 10:12,13)
  • Did the prophet Elijah go up to heaven in a fiery chariot? (2 Kings 2:11)
  • Did Jesus change water into wine supernaturally at a wedding party? (Joh 2:1-11)
  • Did Jesus also resurrect Lazarus after he had been dead four days? (Joh 11:1-44)
  • Did the apostle Peter walk on top of the water without sinking? (Mat 14:28-31)
  • Did the apostle Paul, while on the road to Damascus, actually get knocked to the ground by a blinding light as Jesus spoke to him from heaven? (Act 26:13-15)

Honestly, in this high-tech computer age that we now live in, are we compelled to believe that such scientifically "impossible" events actually occurred? Especially when the supposed events took place thousands of years ago? Are such archaic beliefs and claims even relevant in our modern day society?

It is a matter of fact that multiplied millions of people throughout the world believe that these events indeed occurred—literally as the Bible describes—and they are unwavering in their Christian faith.

Yet as baffling as all of this may be, even if all of it was true, there certainly must be large pieces to the mysterious puzzle that no one yet fully understands or comprehends. Certainly, no logical person would be compelled to believe that God created the entire world in six twenty-four hour days as many Christian fundamentalists believe (the Bible does not necessarily teach that).

So there must be a more full and complete picture lurking behind the scenes? All of the facts about the Bible, all the miraculous stories in the Bible, coupled with the mystery surrounding man's appearance on earth—the explanation for these things must certainly be hidden from view. If God does indeed exist, and the Bible is His everlasting Word, then what for goodness sakes is the real eternal plan and purpose? What is the meaning to all of it? Why did all of these things even happen? What is the point?

The Big Picture

And that is precisely what Angelfall is all about—the eternal plan and purpose of the Creator Himself. This website will not only prove that the Bible is true and of total supernatural origin; it will also reveal to us the other half of the Christian Gospel story—the side that has never been seen or explained before—the side that reveals why this world exists and why each person has been born.

Angelfall deals with the BIG picture. As stated on the home page, what you are about to see happen, is that these eternal questions will be answered in spectacular fashion, in a way that no one has ever thought of. And best of all, in a manner of which the basis for all of it—can actually be proven in a scientific laboratory.

To the best of this Author's knowledge, nothing you are about to learn has ever been taught before in church history (or even world history—there may be some allusions to it somewhere???). God has kept the lid on the BIG picture, deliberately hiding it from mankind. But Angelfall is going to remove at least some of the wrapper. No person or source taught the author a single thing about the foundational premise of Angelfall—not even a hint of it. All of it was discovered in a most unusual way.

The following is going to be as fresh and new as the beginning of time.

The Discovery of Theomatics

This journey began back In 1975. The author, at 25 years of age, discovered a supernatural mathematical code in the original Hebrew and Greek languages of the Bible. Since that time he has spent countless thousands of hours working with this phenomenon.

In 1976 he met Jerry Lucas and co-authored the book, Theomatics: God's Best Kept Secret Revealed, which Jerry promoted. Jerry Lucas is recognized as one of the 50 greatest basketball players of all time and is currently enshrined in the NBA hall of fame. He is also a world renowned memory expert. In 1974 he wrote The Memory Book, which was the second best selling book in the world after the Watergate book, All the President's Men. He also appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson no less than six times demonstrating his amazing memory feats.

Since the original Theomatics was published many years ago, two additional books on theomatics have been published by University Press of America in Washington, D.C., with total sales of 100,000 copies in hard cover editions. A search on Google will yield more than 40,000 sites that specifically mention theomatics. Yet amazingly, this subject has received virtually zero coverage in the media. It has basically been a grass roots phenomenon.

Note: The word "theomatics" is the composite of two words. The Greek word for God is "theo," and when combined with the suffix of the word "mathematics," the result is "theomatics." It means "the numbers or mathematics of God." Also, this is not the same thing as the Bible code subject of recent years, that is all over the internet and even been featured on the Oprah show (also called "Torah codes" or "ELS"). A summational discussion of the difference between theomatics and the Bible code is presented (Chapter 2p). The Bible code was supposedly discovered in 1963. But the basis of Theomatics, also called "gematria" and "isopsephia" has been known since the time before Christ—this is not some Johnny come lately concept. These Hebrew and Greek "theomatic" number codes that theomatics uses, can be found right in Webster's dictionary. The Bible was originally written in the Hebrew language (Old Testament) and the Greek language (New Testament).


It is Truly Amazing

This theomatics code in the Bible is absolutely amazing and mind boggling. Statistically, it proves beyond any reasonable doubt the divine and supernatural origin of the Bible. It is mathematically and categorically impossible for this phenomenon to appear in any work of literature. ONLY IN THE BIBLE does it happen (see Chapter 2o).

If the world's great scientists and mathematicians and theologians saw and comprehended the facts concerning what you are about to see—with your very own eyes on this website; and independently verified them, and all of it became widely known and accepted—it would forever change the world that we live in (but that degree of universal acceptance will probably never happen and later it will be understood why).

The fact that this code exists can be proven solidly, according to the rigid rules of the scientific method (see Chapters 2k and 2m). Therefore, this is not somebody's idea or theory. It is not the figment of someone's fertile imagination. Its existence is absolute mathematical fact that can be seen, tested, verified, and confirmed. Nothing before in history, apparently, related to God or theology or ANY religious writing, can rise to the objective level of theomatics. Rest assured that man had nothing to do with this aspect of the Bible.

The theomatics section of this website gives a complete explanation that consists of many hundreds of pages, in addition to the three currently published books consisting of 1200 total pages that cover the subject extensively.

What the Code Means

But what does this code mean? Who put it in the Bible, and Why? What is it telling us?

The words that we read from the Bible, the words that we have come to love and treasure over the centuries—comprises only the surface layer of the Bible. Beneath the surface words there is a vast system of symbolism operating—which contains depth of meaning that goes way beyond what may seem initially apparent. Various people, times, events, and all the stories in the Bible, carry a much deeper meaning and they are actually telling us something quite a bit different and far more significant than what we can seen if understood just literally or historically.

You will understand this as you study Angelfall. This whole thing is extremely complex and is A SYSTEM OF GALACTIC PROPORTIONS. Things are all wired together throughout the entire Bible—there are connections and symbolic relationships that no one ever saw before—everything relates in a dynamic way which will eventually tell us (or at least indicate) the true and precise meaning. Angelfall gives hundreds of examples of this phenomenon. The entire structure was composed by a singular Super Intelligence.

A Little Illustration

All of this is very similar to something that you may have seen when you were in school. Do you recall an old encyclopedia, where in the biology section, there were some transparent plastic sheets showing the physiology of either a frog (or even the human body). The first layer showed the top of the frog's body. When you lifted that up, the next sheet showed all the muscles. Beneath that was a plastic sheet showing the blood system with heart, arteries and veins. Next came the brain and nervous system followed by the complete digestive tract. Finally there was the bone and skeletal structure.

When we look at the Bible something similar is going to happen. Up to this point in history, man has primarily seen just the top layer—the interior structure of how it all works and ties together has remained hidden.

Long before God the Creator inspired men to write the Bible text, He was secretly behind the scenes engineering the original Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament) languages of the Bible in order to make all of this work out and tie everything together mathematically. In other words, when we read something literally in the Bible, this numbering code system actually indicates and will tell us the deeper esoteric and hidden meanings that are present.

However, an important fact for all Christians to realize—even though God has embedded this code and system, none of this will change or contradict a single thing that the Bible says. It will all agree with the open text. The essential truths will remain intact. Theomatics neither adds nor removes anything from the Bible that is not already present.

As you study Angelfall, you will begin to clearly see the magnitude of theomatics and this "galactic" truth/system that exists. Because that is the manner in which this BIG picture is going to open up and explain why this world exists and why each person has been born. GOD HAS HIDDEN THE BIG PICTURE INSIDE OF THIS CODED SYSTEM. Again, the conclusive fact concerning all of this, is that it is categorically impossible for men to have placed any of it in the Bible. Divine Intelligence is the only logical explanation for the spectacular phenomenon you are about to witness.


No One Has a Clue

If you were to walk down the street and ask 100 people at random why this world exists and why each person has been born, no one would even have a clue. The human race has no idea why it even exists or what the purpose is (Christians only have an inkling). All of us have been born onto this planet floating "somewhere" out in the Milky Way galaxy, and we basically know nothing except the fact we all breed, babies are born, and the rest of us grow old and die. Our knowledge is basically limited solely to our physical environment and what we can see with our eyeballs. For that reason one simple fact is going to become very evident as you read through Angelfall.

The answer to "why all things exist" is something that nobody knows about. It something that hardly anybody is thinking about. It is something the human race has no direct knowledge of. In fact, the ultimate reality is just about the furthest thing from people's minds. There is no comprehension of it whatsoever.

The ultimate reality is something completely independent of all historical knowledge. It is almost totally independent of all religious knowledge. And it certainly is independent of scientific knowledge. God's own divine knowledge—His eternal plan and purpose—exists in its own objective kingdom far above, over, and beyond any level of human comprehension. This inextricable fact is deeply humbling to man's pride and self sufficiency. (See chapter 3eHigher than the Heavens and Chapter 10a, Entering Heaven's Gate).

The good news is that when a person finally comes to the point of admitting their helplessness and gives up on their own pride and natural strength, and quits looking WITHIN for understanding, meaning, and purpose, and agrees to finally accept reality based upon God's terms (yes, there are absolutes)—that is when God can finally begin to open up and make Himself known to that person. Humility is the key that unlocks the door that leads to understanding.

It is now time to begin explaining what Angelfall is all about.

The Big Issue—Pre-Existence

Angelfall deals with one primary issue. When little babies are conceived in the womb and people are born into this world, is that the very first time of their existence as conscious living beings? Or did all of us exist prior in another space/time dimension before our physical birth on planet earth?

The theomatics code in the Bible will answer that question. And in the process of answering it, it will also explain a whole lot of other things as well—what has happened in history past, what is happening right now in the world, and even what will happen in the future after a person dies. The entire Bible will now be seen through a wide angle lens.

In fact, once we understand the facts related to pre-existence, everything will explode and blossom before our very eyes. It will not only explain everything in the Bible, it will also explain why everything happens in each person's individual life. Some people are born in the United States or Canada, others are born in China or in Africa or South America. Some people die young, others live to be quite old. Some people get various diseases, others are healthy. Some people are rich, others struggle financially all their lives. Most people are decent and law abiding citizens, others end up in the penitentiary. Some are born into Christian homes and others are taught to be Buddhists. Some become Hollywood celebrities, or sports heroes, or famous politicians. Others work in coal mines all their lives.

All of this relates to pre-existence. Nothing happens in our lives by accident. Even though you may think you are free to make choices in life, everything that happens to you has been pre-arranged and predestined (including even your choices and your thoughts). There are spiritual forces at work that determine everything. It is all part of an enormous master plan. Yet the most amazing fact is that the whole thing has been set up to operate without our being consciously aware of it. Our own thoughts and actions seem haphazard, but they are not. Everything that happens is pre-ordained and pre-destined, and as we go about our daily lives and business, we are not consciously aware of that fact. And there is a profound reason for it.


Some People May Object

Yet various individuals may immediately object to the idea that our fortunes (or misfortunes) are the result of something outside ourselves. But in regards to that, here are some questions you might want to ask yourself.

When you were born, Did you choose who your parents were going to be? Did you choose your name? Did you choose to be born a man or a woman? Did you chose what race or nationality or country you would be born into? Did you choose what you were going to look like physically, how tall or short you would be? Was your career or marriage partner something carefully thought out, or did you just sort of stumble into it? Are your religious beliefs your own, or did you embrace a certain faith simply because your parents (or somebody else) told you it was the truth? Or it simply made you feel good?

When you get down to the bare facts of the matter, we are in control of much less of our lives than we think we are.


Genesis and the Garden of Eden Story

Almost every person out there has at one time in their life, heard the creation account in the book of Genesis and the story of Adam and Eve.

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Gen 1:1).

No one in the secular/academic community would ever take this story from the Bible seriously. Even Bible believing Christians have wondered about the story of Adam and Eve—the idea that God created everything in six days (including the sun, the moon, and the stars). And then God kneeling down and molding the first man out of the dirt? Then creating a beautiful garden where a naked man and woman run all through it playing with the animals? Then a snake deceives the woman to take a bite out of the "apple" (it was probably a fig tree—see numerous chapters in Section 6). And then the Bible teaches that every person born thereafter is a sinner because of what those first two people did in the garden?

Taking it only literally, the story is absurd. There could not possibly be a more ridiculous fairy tale. How could millions of people actually believe it is true? No wonder there are skeptics and agnostics.

What the theomatics Bible code reveals is that everything in this story is deeply symbolic. The story is indeed true, but worthless nonsense if only understood at face value. It contains SERIOUS depth of meaning that cannot be comprehended from just a perfunctory or surface reading of the story. The elementary things mentioned contain vast realms of truth, and are completely valid in new light. For example, the man represents something. So does the woman. The serpent is highly symbolical. All of the animals, birds, fishes, represent various concepts. So are the details about the garden—the gate was in the East, there were four rivers the flowed from it, and the two trees in the middle which were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Comment: Does this author believe that there is a historical basis for the Genesis account of creation, that these events happened literally? Yes, this is entirely possible. But that is not what is important. The days of creation could represent ages of time. In fact, the Bible says that a thousand years is one day to God (2 Pet 3:8). There are a hundred ways God could have placed man and all life forms upon earth. The Bible clearly teaches that God created all the creatures by direct means "after their kind" (no, we don't believe in evolution a single atom). God could have created everything instantly from another dimension, or he could have brought all the life forms to earth from eco-systems in other parts of the universe and simply deposited them here. It is impossible to turn back the hands of the clock and observe how it all happened, because nobody knows for sure. The theomatics Bible code settles the issue with a supernatural signature, and this proves or certifies that God did it—that is all we need to know at this point.


Connecting the Dots

So there is a great significance to not only the creation story in Genesis, but in ALL the stories that exist in the Bible—depth of meaning which very few people have seen or even thought much about.

The MAJOR thing we are going to discover throughout Angelfall, is that the first book of the Bible is directly connected and linked to the last book of the Bible, which is the Book of Revelation. Sandwiched in between are the remaining 64 books of the Old and New testaments.

All the things mentioned in the Genesis creation account and the garden of Eden story are actually enlarged and explained in the book of Revelation. In other words, the entire Bible was put together by One Intelligent Mind—IT IS THE ENTIRE PICTURE FROM BEGINNING TO END THAT IS IN VIEW AS ONE COMPOSITE WHOLE. There are many chapters in Angelfall that show how the dots connect.

The book of Revelation is by far the most mysterious book in the entire Bible (along with the books of Job and Daniel from the Old Testament). Everybody in the Christian world has for centuries been trying to figure out Revelation, especially American evangelicals. Thousand of speculative books have been written on the subject of "Bible prophecy" and so called "end time events." Such topics as the soon to arrive one world ruler "Antichrist"; the coming mother of all wars, the "battle of Armageddon" in northern Israel; a seven year period of time called "the great tribulation" which will be proceeded by "the rapture of the Church" when millions of Christians mysteriously disappear or vanish from the "late great planet earth," etc. Immediately following those events Christ will descend from heaven with millions of saints and angels, all dressed in white robes, and land on the Mount of Olives outside the walls of Jerusalem. He will then proceed to march through the eastern gate into the city, riding on a white horse, and set up His millennial kingdom and rule over the whole world for 1000 years along with the Jewish nation of Israel. Any person who refuses to fall down and worship will be killed instantly (Rev 19:15,21).

Needless to say all of this is mere speculation about the future (it is both puzzling and amazing how many Christians take these theories as absolute gospel truth). Yet everybody wants to know what the future holds and how the world is going to end.

The theomatics Bible code indicates that God's idea on all of this is a thousand light years different in meaning than what just about everybody out there is trying to figure out. The book of Revelation has little to do with specific times and events, and instead has more to do with the overall BIG picture of the ENTIRE world history. ALMOST EVERYTHING PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO UNDERSTAND IN A LITERAL GRAMMATICAL/HISTORICAL SENSE IS ACTUALLY SYMBOLICAL OF MANY THINGS AND MANY ETERNAL ISSUES. What that means is that a lot of sincere Christian people may be waiting for times and events to happen (particularly in the Middle East) that will probably never take place because, quite honestly, God has something else completely different in mind. There is a complete section in Angelfall on the subject of Bible prophecy (see Chapter 13a).


Now Comes the BIG Picture

A model car or model airplane is only a scaled down version of the real thing. What the theomatics Bible code is going to show us, is that the Garden of Eden story in the book of Genesis, is a MODEL of a much larger scenario of events that actually took place prior up in heaven. Everything happening on planet earth is a reflection of the larger picture that is heavenly. The things that take place on this earth and the circumstances that happens in each person's individual life, is all connected to other parts of the universe.

Angelfall is going to prove conclusively that your own creation as a conscious living being did not start at the time you were born physically on planet earth.

What Genesis chapter one is really talking about—it is talking about the creation of the universe (or various phases of the universe) at the very beginning of time, and what God's original plan and goals were for man whom the Bible says was "created in the image of God." Yes, everything mentioned in Genesis probably happened 6000 years ago on earth, just like the Bible says it did. But as it was just stated, the literal events have a symbolical or allegorical meaning that carries over into a much bigger scenario of events.

The story of the creation of Adam and Eve on earth is really talking about the creation of all the angels up in heaven. In that sense, literal Adam and literal Eve are SYMBOLICAL or representative. It all has to do with the male and female NATURES inside the persona of each being that God created individually (there are entire chapters here in Angelfall that explain this male/female principle as a SPIRITUAL concept, i.e. angels are essentially "sexless" in the physiological sense).

Here is the significant fact. The account of the creation of Adam and Eve concludes with the statement—"Thus the HEAVENS and the earth were finished, and ALL THE HOST of them" (Gen 2:1). The expression "host" is referring to angelic beings—so right there the direct and inextricable connection is made—Adam and Eve represent the angels. Also, the Bible refers SPECIFICALLY to the creation of Adam and Eve as the "generations of the heavens" (Gen 2:4).


Deep and Complex

Here is the key point to this discussion.

All of the things mentioned in Genesis (and in the entire Bible) are part of a vast network of esoteric symbolism—minor things mentioned represent major items of great significance and contain vast realms of truth and meaning—INHERENT THEOLOGICAL CONCEPTS EXIST WHICH NO ONE HAS EVEN THOUGHT OF OR CONSIDERED BEFORE.

Theomatics proves that God never intended that the Bible be ultimately understood with just the "grammatical-historical" method—the standard and exclusive method of interpretation that all Bible scholars and theologians assert (and to which they are severely limited). There is far greater and deeper meaning present.


The Enormous Universe

The universe is a mighty big place. There are millions of galaxies and billions of stars out there (and who knows how many other planets revolving around various suns or stars). Jehovah God created all of it, and in that process God also created billions of angels to administer, guard, keep, and protect His heavenly creation (the same identical role Adam was to play).

But not only is there the physical universe that we can see through the telescope, but there are other invisible "spiritual" dimensions out there as well, probably composed of what scientists refer to as "anti-matter." The Bible declares that various types of spiritual beings live and move around in these dimensions (such as angels and demons).

Also, science in recent years has made great strides in understand space/time. This concept was introduced by Albert Einstein's with his famous theory of relativity. Einstein proved that time is not a constant—it is theoretically possible to travel forwards and backwards in time. This is obviously a realm that God lives and moves around in. God is not limited by time as we humans are. The Bible says that He inhabits eternity. He can exist thousands of years into the future, or he can go back in time and exist back whenever. In fact, God Himself actually created the time dimension that we live in.

God no doubt has the ability to go forwards in time and see specific events that are about to happen, and if necessary go back in time and take measures to prevent/cause certain things from occurring. In that manner God may have the uncanny ability to make "billions" of adjustments and thus control the very thoughts and destiny of every human, especially Christians, without our consciously being aware of this fact.

As stated earlier, even the choices we make are actually predestined (that is not, however, an excuse for people's sinful nature, man is still responsible to do what is right—any sinful thoughts and actions are simply the INHERITED RESULT of our fall from paradise). How our thoughts and actions can actually be predestined, and yet be our very own, is a great mystery. Judas Iscariot is a good example of that. When he betrayed Christ, that was his own willful decision and action. Yet the Bible clearly states that all of it was predestined and actually planned and ENGINEERED by God Himself down to the most minute detail (see Psa 109:6, Zech 11:12, Joh 13:27, and Mat 26:24). While this is a paradox and difficult to comprehend, it is no doubt true. And if this was a true principle for Judas, it could be true in various ways for millions of other people (read Romans 9:10-26).


Man is at a Dead End Street

Man has no idea where life on earth comes from. It is impossible for man to create life, even one living cell. The reason is that life comes from and is sustained by another dimension that science has no access to—it is invisible to the naked eye and cannot be seen, tested, or measured. The spiritual aspect of life is something that God has complete control over. In fact, when you get right down to it, science has no idea what life even is. All they can do is simply observe it. It is impossible for science to provide an explanation for all that exists.

Dr. Brian Greene, one of the world's foremost physicists at the frontier of space/time research and trying to understand the universe, makes this statement.

The laws of physics cannot account for any particular direction in which the universe has developed or will develop. We must look elsewhere for answers.


The Unseen Dimension

Everything that exists in our physical world is part of an unseen spiritual dimension. Our human souls are linked to and sustained by that dimension. Life is spiritual and we are spiritual beings. It has been often said that "man is a spiritual being who is simply having a physical experience." This is so true, because the Bible refers to our physical bodies as "earthen vessels" that contain our spirit. When we die physically, these spirit beings will depart, but they will go right on living in another dimension.

Our life does not consist in ourselves—it is loaned to us by God. When God created man he breathed into his nostrils the breath of life—the Creator broke off a piece of Himself and allowed it to have an independent will and consciousness. And God can just as easily remove that breath. And someday He will "take back" all those who have not surrendered their own wills to the Father in heaven, and who are not conformed to the Image of His ONLY BEGOTTEN Son, our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Bible teaches that man was created out of the dust (the "dust" symbolizes nothing of value). It was God's own breath that gave man his life and true value. But God told man that if he sinned and rebelled, he would "surely die" and be RETURNED to the dust of the ground. Here again, the concepts of "dust" and "ground," are symbolic of spiritual matters, not just the physical body or dirt.


The Ground Zero Issue

Now there is an entire chapter in Angefall entitled "The Ground Zero issue." What this issue involves is the one great controversy that exists today in the heavenlies. It is the original bone of contention between God and the angels, and now mankind as well. We see it everywhere in our society today. It is called secular humanism, and it is a carry over from the rebellion that took place in heaven. Here now is the $64,000 question.

Just because God, who is a "Being" with independent will and consciousness, created me as "another being" or individual with free will and consciousness, does that give Him the right to tell me what to do, or to be the determiner of right from wrong? Am I obligated to love and obey Him just because He made me? Or does my intellect belong to me solely and I WILL DECIDE!?

This is the ground zero issue—individualism vs. theism (it is also the driving force behind atheism and evolution). And that is the entire issue of confrontation found in the book of Job from the Old Testament. The whole book is a debate between God and the angels and the spirit of Satan that was among them. It was to challenge God's smarts and question his authority and the righteousness of the ALMIGHTY and why man should love and serve Him—unless they received entitlements from the Creator (we'll talk about this more in Angelfall). Incidentally, Job is the oldest book in the Bible and was written before Genesis. Nobody knows where the book came from. In a certain sense, it is the very first book of the Bible.

So when we come to Genesis and the temptation in the garden of Eden, what this is really talking about is the subjective serpent nature and the spirit of accusation that existed within the hearts and minds of the angels—deceiving themselves into believing that they individually could become "as God, knowers of good and evil." The temptation of Adam and Eve is expanded in the book of Job. The Bible says that Satan and the serpent are the same identical thing (Rev 12:9 and 20:2). It is all very symbolic of spiritual concepts. There is an entire chapter in Angelfall that discusses whether Satan or the devil is an actual person or conscious living being. The answer may surprise many Christians (see Chapter 4c).

Another huge area of discussion is the "mark of the beast" mentioned in the book of Revelation. It is the final culmination of this whole angelic rebellion in heaven. It apparently has little or nothing to do with the popular "Christian pop culture" concept of a supposed end time "Antichrist" (or people having "666" stamped on their foreheads before they can buy anything at the grocery store).


Men on Earth are Actually Fallen Angels

Here now is the absolute conclusion that all of the evidence points to. This is the foundational premise upon which all of Angelfall is based.

The theomatics code in the Bible proves conclusively that every person who is born into this world—pre-existed in heaven—we are the fallen angels who were thrown out and cast down to earth. Literally. That is why the Bible teaches that men and women are born sinners.

The evidence and scientific data that supports this conclusion is a 100% certain fact beyond any reasonable doubt—the evidence is clear as a bell and absolutely conclusive. In other words, Angelfall is not a theory. It is not an interesting possibility. It is not speculation. Angelfall is an AXIOM. What that means is that once the evidence is seen and comprehended, there will be no further need for discussion, argument, or analysis. The truth will simply be self-evident.

There are many hundreds of pages on this website that provides solid proof to this conclusion. And it also agrees perfectly with what the Bible explicitly states in the open text (although people have read it for hundreds of years and never quite seen the big picture—God hid the hard facts behind symbolic/esoteric/allegorical methodology).

The souls of men upon earth are actually the spirits of angelic beings who got their hides kicked out of heaven for rebelling against their Creator when they questioned and doubted God's sovereignty, wisdom, and eternal knowledge. They eventually lost their faith in God and turned against their Creator in consummate rage and hatred. And then they tried to become gods themselves in order to save and exalt themselves. All through the Bible, especially in the book of Revelation, it talks about this war in heaven—a war that is clearly INTEGRATED with men now living physically upon planet earth.

The angels quite literally had a "declaration of independence" and basically wanted to be set free so they could go off and do their own thing. That is what the well known story on the prodigal son is all about in Luke chapter 15. The young immature boy demanded his rights and property, and left the Father's heavenly home in rebellion. When he finally did repent, these were the words he spoke.

"Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee; And am no more worthy to be called thy son" (Luke 15:18).

That entire story that Jesus gave is all about the angels who sinned against heaven—those who rebelled vs. those who remained faithful to their Creator. There are two chapters in Angelfall that thoroughly discuss the parable of the prodigal son, and also show the theomatics/scientific evidence that proves the connection of men to angels in that story.

And also in the New Testament book of Jude, it talks about,

"The angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day" (Jude 1:6).

The Bible teaches that Jesus came and died on the cross in order to save and redeem lost sinners. The word "redemption" in the Bible means to "buy back." You can't buy something back unless you once had it in the first place (before it was lost). The entire doctrine of redemption in the Bible is related to the angelic rebellion and fall from heaven, and God's plan of restoration through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. The Bible teaches that the blood of Jesus was actually necessary in order to resolve issues and cleanse things in the heavens (see Heb 9:23 and Col 1:20).


Yes, That is Who we Are

That is who we are as individuals. We are the fallen angels who sinned against heaven. And that is why each person is born into this world with a death sentence and the "Sword of Damocles" hovering over their heads. The Bible says that we were actually conceived in sin. Every little baby that is born is in a rebellious state of mind from the get go—straight out of the womb—his entire being is full of spiritual darkness and potential bitterness. All any child needs is just some time to express it. We don't need to learn to be bad. It comes quite naturally. Adolph Hitler was at one time a cute cuddly child.

For centuries Christians who have faithfully read and loved their Bibles, have never been able to explain why "innocent" little children are born sinners. Why does the Bible teach that every person born into this world is AUTOMATICALLY a sinner and destined for final judgment? The clear message of Angelfall explains exactly why (see Chapter 4e).

Also, Angelfall answers the age old question that has tormented Christians for centuries—what about people living in remote jungles who have never heard the Gospel story? How can God allow them to end up in hell if they have never even so much as heard the name of Jesus, much less God's plan of salvation? Yet the Bible explicitly teaches that there is no possible way any human can be ever saved except by faith in Christ and a complete Christian conversion (see Acts 4:12).

A popular concept among Christians and others, is the idea that man has a free will and that we can be the determiners of just about anything. That is simply not true. Yes, in eternity past, up in heaven, all of us indeed had a free will. And we chose to disobey God willingly knowing the consequences. The angels were originally created in innocence (as Adam and Eve represent) and were ignorant of sin. But when the creature ate of the forbidden fruit and tried to figure out good from evil, his eyes were opened prematurely, and his nature changed into a sinful nature. He became naked and lost the protection of God that surrounded him. And that is why the Bible teaches that we are now the slaves of sin (Romans 6:17,20). Man lost his freedom of choice when he fell from paradise. In this world we certainly have a will, but not a free will. Here is a verse from the book of Psalms.

"God looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, that did seek God. Every one of them is gone back: they are altogether become filthy; there is none that doeth good, no, not one" (Psa 53:2,3).

The theomatics code in the Bible proves that these "children of men" are actually the angels that pre-existed in heaven and were cast down to earth, i.e. the entire human race.

(With no intention to sound mystical or new age), it is indeed true that all of us are "children of the stars." The Bible states that Eve "became mother of all the living" (Gen 3:20). Her children are the stars of heaven. In the book of Revelation, the entirety of chapter 12 portrays Eve as the woman seen in heaven who is associated with the stars and subsequently gives birth (Rev 12:1-17). It is important to clarify the fact that even though all of this is deeply symbolic of heavenly issues and matters, it has a literal application at the same time.


The Stars Fall from Heaven

All through the gospels, many times, Jesus Himself talked about the stars or angels falling from heaven. This is a major topic in Scripture—it is mentioned all through the Bible, especially in the book of Revelation, where it talks about the serpent's tail sweeping the "third part of the stars" (or angels) from heaven, and casting them to earth (see Rev 6:13,8:12 and the all of chapter 12). Those angels are you and I along with the rest of the human race. The serpent that casts the angels from heaven is the SAME EXACT SERPENT that caused Adam and Eve to fall in the garden paradise (which represents the heavenly paradise).


The reason all of this is so hugely important, is because if everybody gets to go off and do their own thing, the entire created order would eventually collapse. The end results would be STAR WARS—everybody grabbing all they could and destroying their opponents (survival of the fittest and "every dog for himself")—a universe full of billions of God's would be total mayhem. That is why the Bible teaches that there can forever be only One God and one universal source of truth. Yes, God is a God of absolutes. He controls everything and He judges everything. We as individuals are not destined to become "gods" as some religions teach (such as Mormonism).

And that is why in the book of Genesis God surrounded the tree of life with the flaming sword pointing outward in every direction. By eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, man's ultimate goal was to get to the tree of life so he could figure out how to live forever. But God could not and would not allow that to happen by any illegitimate means. The tree of life would be protected at all costs—God circumvented it with the flaming sword (of course all of this about a tree and a flaming sword is symbolic language).

Man still has as his objective to get to the tree of life. The massive new Hadon Collider project in Europe, along with serious goals for space exploration to distant stars in an attempt to discover life in other parts of the universe—these are serious attempts in that direction. The famed British scientist, Steven Hawking, make the statement that "man's only hope for survival is to get himself off this planet."

It is a certain and absolute fact that man will NEVER stop at anything. That is, unless God stops him.

The way God controls all the angels and hosts of heaven, evidently, is because He has sole control of space/time itself. The Bible says that He is the ONLY One who inhabits eternity (Isa 57:15 and 1 Tim 6:16). The angels cannot break out of linear time and they are evidently furious about it, because it obviously separates them from having God's omnipotent power and omniscience. The Bible makes it clear that angels do not know everything, and there are certain things they are not allowed to see past or look into (1 Peter 1:12).


A Trip Through Space Time

Here now is the main point to this entire discussion. Here is the logical conclusion to the entire Angelfall premise.

When people are born into this earth, God totally removes any conscious memory from their past or pre-existence, by apparently taking them through space/time into another time sphere which consists of the physical dimension, which is linear earth time (there is an entire chapter in Angelfall that discusses the time/relativity issue and how it applies to pre-existence—see Chapter 8a). So when you are born, your conscious existence is locked into your physical brain and physical senses, and you don't know a single fact about your prior existence up in heaven (and the events surrounding that), BUT you have the same rebellious angel spirit dwelling inside of you, and you retain in your subconscious being all the sin and rebellion acquired when you knew angelic law and refused to obey it.

In fact, in the Old Testament of the Bible everything operated on the law of Moses and the keeping of the ten commandments—all of that is a reflection of the kind of relationship God had prior with the angels—it was a fearsome awesome relationship built upon rules and regulations. In the Old Testament dispensation no one was allowed to get anywhere near Mount Sinai or touch the ark of the covenant. They would be instantly zapped. The relationship of Jehovah to the angels was very similar to the Allah relationship that Muslims have today. Apparently, God never promised any angel unconditional eternal life. As God told Adam and Eve, their right to exist was probationary (Gen 2:17).

The good news is that in the New Testament God changes the whole thing by giving us eternal life and writing his laws upon hearts of flesh instead of upon rocks (tables of stone that have no life). There is a whole new basis of relationship coming on the horizon between God and man, because of what Jesus accomplished on the cross—the greatest gift that God ever gave was Jesus. For all those who believe on the Name of the Only Begotten Son of God, and accept the good news of the Gospel, it is going to be absolutely fantastic. But the only way that will ever happen is if we learn what it means to "die to ourselves" in this lifetime (more on that later). The entire work of Jesus—His life and ministry and ultimate death on the cross—was for the purpose of crushing Satan and saving man from all the sin and rebellion of the fall from heaven. And also saving man from the curse of the law.

"Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree" (Gal 3:13).

Comment: The Lord Jesus giving up his life on the dead tree of the cross, is all symbolically related to the forbidden tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden that brought about death for all mankind.

You see, the beauty of the Gospel is that God comes to us. In the past God said, "I am high and lofty, I inhabit eternity, I live in complete holiness and you cannot come up to my level, it is just too high for you. And if you dare try, if you even attempt to enter heaven's gate, you will be knocked flat! But I'll tell you what I'm going to do, I am going to come down to you, I will make myself just like one of you, and I will teach you what it means to be humble." And that is exactly what happened when the Christ child was born as a humble little baby in a manger of hay. And that is what happened when Jesus submitted His will to the heavenly Father and rode into Jerusalem on a lowly donkey, and gave up His own life on the cross of shame, dying a hideous and suffering death.

All so he could save us and bring us to God.

There simply no other way we also can be saved—except by humility and faith in Him.


Conception and Birth

What Angelfall actually proves, is that people having sex and producing babies, is not accidental. When people have sex they are actually creating a physical house for the spirit of one of the fallen angels to come down and inhabit.

The birth (or even abortion) of every individual has been predestined. Also in this process, we inherit the curses of our parents and past generations that comes down through the blood line (these curses can be broken by the power of God). The world of demons and demon possession of humans souls is related to all this. Demons are perhaps the worst of the fallen angels who cannot be redeemed. One of the great mysteries is how and why the human and demonic worlds are all intertwined. For some mysterious reason, certain demons have a legal right to inhabit the souls of specific individuals. (There is also the possibility that demons may be alter-ego spirits or "entities" that were created during the original rebellion and are attached to the person itself and are "spirits" that can actually move through specific bloodlines).

Even with all the sexual perversion and gross immorality that exists in society, all sorts of sexual obsessions, unwed mothers, unwanted pregnancies—all of it is God's way to get people down here. Trying to stop people from producing babies, is like trying to fix a plumbing leak that just won't quit—it just keeps happening—people keep on being born (just like the ocean tides).

And not only is each birth predestined, the time and manner of each person's death has also been pre-determined as well.


The Final Judgment of the Devil's Angels

In the Gospel of Matthew, when Jesus sentences the billions of sinners to hell, he directly addresses THEM as "the devil's angels." For years fundamentalist preachers have always said that hell was only prepared for the devil's angels and not for mankind. Sadly, these preachers got their facts all wrong because they don't see the connection—the men Jesus addresses ARE the devils angels. Literally!

"When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory: And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats: And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left…

Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels

And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal" (Mat 25:31-33,41,46).

Here again are the direct words of Jesus.

"As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world. The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear" (Mat 13:40-43).

The expression "wailing and gnashing of teeth" is one of the most solemn statements in the entire Bible. It means that when the rebellious souls face the final pronouncement of their verdict, there will be panic, fear, weeping and incredible sorrow. But the grinding of teeth is symbolic language for absolute hatred and consummate rage towards God.


Human Nature is Fallen Nature

Christians have always taught that man is a fallen being who has a fallen nature. Amazingly they have made this statement without seeing the bigger picture of the actual casting down from heaven. Here are some interesting facts showing both man's fallen rebellious nature in conjunction with the fact that he STILL acknowledges and admits to the existence of God.

Most people in today's society don't care a thing about submitting their lives to God or walking in holiness. As they go about their daily lives they hardly ever think of God and are only interested in their own pleasure and survival.

But have you ever seen on the news, how on many occasions when a horrible disaster or tragedy strikes or something goes terribly wrong in people's lives, they immediately get angry and want to blame God or question why "God" let's bad things happen to "innocent" people. They are more than willing to curse and blame God when things go wrong, but don't give a hoot when life is good.

Even many people who are religious are simply going through a rig-a-ma-row or attending a church service now and then in order to sugar coat their own guilty consciences, thus making themselves feel better about life. But they are still in a state of denial. All the false beliefs and religions in the world is simply one more way that man is STILL trying to eat from the tree of knowledge and work out his own plan of salvation and soothe his GUILTY conscience. Any religious belief that is not in perfect line with the Bible and God's formula for redemption, is another form of rebellion.

The sure mark of the fallen angel is when a person is convinced that they are right in their own eyes and all is well with their soul, i.e. they are satisfied and at peace with their own world view. They feel no urgency to get down on their knees and ask God what he thinks. They have no desire to repent and sacrifice their intellect to God's Holy Spirit.

"I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance" (Luke 15:7).


There is a Way Back Out

Someday all of us will be called to give an account. Everything that happens in our lives down here on earth is a reflection of who we are and what we did up in heaven. And most importantly, the condition of our heart. God's choosing and predestinating certain individuals to salvation is based upon what He sees down deep inside each person.

"He telleth the number of the stars (angels); he calleth them all by their names" (Psa 147:4). "Yea, the stars are not pure in his sight. How much less man, that is a worm?" (Job 25:5,6).

Yet the good news is, like the prodigal son, God invites everybody to come home to him if they will only do so. The heart of a Father is one who is always willing to forgive. God condemns no one who chooses to do what is right. As long as we can still fog a mirror, the door is always open. But that can only happen on God's terms. If we are not dressed for the occasion and try to get in the door any other way, the final result will be that we will lose our very own souls (or ultimate right to even exist).

"The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, which made a marriage feast for his son, And sent forth his servants to call them that were bidden to the wedding: and they would not come… So those servants went out into the highways, and gathered together all as many as they found, both bad and good: and the wedding was furnished with guests. And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment: And he saith unto him, Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? AND HE WAS SPEECHLESS. Then said the king to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. For many are called, but few are chosen" (Mat 22:2,3,10-14).

Right now by default, every human is at odds with our Creator. And if during our lifetime on this planet, if we do not accept the Lord Jesus Christ as the atonement for our sins and become clothed with the garment of HIS righteousness, the Bible says that our very souls will someday be destroyed in the lake of fire. Here are some of the very last verses of the Bible.

"And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire" (Rev 20:12-15).

Theomatics clearly indicates that the expression "according to their works" is talking about the original rebellion that took place up in heaven. The bad things people do down here is only a reflection of that. Also, the "lake of fire," which is called the second or final death, may be symbolical language for the death of soul/consciousness, and is not a literal physical place (almost everything else in Revelation is symbolical). See Chapter 11a for a complete discussion on the subject of hell.


Marked for Deletion

People living in this world could be compared to all the email messages stored on your computer hard drive. As hundreds of messages pile up in the in-box, it is sometimes a challenge to decide which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of. So most programs allow people to keep a message for a period of time just to make sure. You can hold it for now, but mark it for deletion. After a few months when the file swells to "thousands" of old messages and worthless spam, all you have to do is click one icon and all the marked messages are purged from the computer.

The same is true for the billions of people living on planet earth. As most individuals go about their daily lives, playing golf and enjoying a beer with their buddies, they have no comprehension nor do they even realize that they are "marked for deletion." They live as though there is no tomorrow. But one day—sooner than later—their time will be up and God will simply click his heavenly mouse and that will be the end of the matter. The grim reaper will surely come knocking.

The stark reality and truth of Angelfall will take place at the TIME OF DEATH, when the human soul separates itself from the physical body. At that point in time a person will cross over into the other dimension (perhaps the NDE "tunnel" experience), and there will be no return to the physical body and no further chance of salvation. Eternal separation from God and the lake of fire will be the final verdict for those who are not born again Christians. IT IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF DEATH'S DOOR IN THE "OTHER" DIMENSION THAT OUR OWN PERSONAL CONNECTION TO SATAN'S KINGDOM OF FALLEN ANGELS WILL BECOME A FULL BLOWN REALITY AND CONSCIOUS RECOLLECTION. Those whose sins have not been washed away by faith in the precious blood of Jesus will be lost forever (Mat 26:28, Col 1:14, 1 John 1:7, and Rev 1:5).

"And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment" (Heb 9:27).

The theomatics code in the Bible clearly shows that the men who die and face judgment, are the fallen angels who were cast out of heaven. They will ultimately be judged for their activities up there. In this world they have no direct memory of those facts.


This is a Serious Issue

To each person reading this synopsis—your eternal destiny is at stake. The Bible teaches that there are only two classes of people on earth. Those who either "don't give a rip" (because they are trusting in their own intellectual strength and self righteousness) — vs. those who sense their need, are willing to be humble and repent, and then ask for God's help—believing the salvation Gospel story and receiving God's plan of redemption—accepting it by faith.

You see, that is why faith is so very important to God. When the angels rebelled they lost all their faith. This is why Jesus made the astounding statement,

"Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?" (Luke 18:8).

You see, true faith is a rare commodity. It is almost non existent. It is the kind of faith that changes a person's complete psychological makeup and world view. It requires major heart surgery. And it cannot happen unless a person is willing to receive God's gift of salvation on God's terms. We cannot save ourselves. Only God's plan will work. And uncompromising faith is the only way through the door.

Make no bones about it. We are talking here about life or death. The Bible makes it unmistakably clear that out of the billions of people who have been born, lived or died, only a small number are actually going to go to heaven when they die (there will still be millions of Christians in heaven). Here again are the words of Jesus.

"Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it" (Mat 7:13,14).

Who are those "few" that "find it"? They are people who have surrendered their lives back to God, repented of their sins, and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as BOTH savior and Lord. It does not mean that these people are perfect. No one is. A newborn child constantly slips and falls. But they have given their HEARTS to the Lord, made a public confession of their commitment, and are attempting to follow Him with all sincerity the best they know how. That is all God expects from anybody.

The Bible teaches that we can never be saved by our own works, we cannot earn our way to heaven (or even retain our salvation by works)—good works are simply the RESULT of our salvation. It is a change of heart that God is after.

In a nutshell, those who are born again are depending on Christ's righteousness instead of their own, those who will believe and accept His terms without reservation, casting all their trust in Him—exclusively! Nothing else will make the cut. The Lord only accepts those who are pure and honest in their hearts and willing to give their all. And that means not only accepting Jesus as Savior, but also making Him the LORD of our lives.

Yet the most exciting fact about all of this—when a person gives their life back to God, He promises to give them the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit. And what is the Holy Spirit? It is God's very Mind and Intellect that comes to live inside of us and helps us make it through all the issues of life. Those who are born of the Spirit are able to finally understand the Bible and eternal things (John chapter 3).

COMMENT: If this discussion seems mysterious to you and you feel frustrated in trying to understand the message of Angelfall, and you are asking yourself the question, "What can I or what should I do about all this?" Here is a suggestion. Give your heart to the Lord and turn your life over to Him (that means surrendering your very existence to God). You will be amazed at what God will do for you. The Bible says that God will give His holy Spirit to those who ask him (Luk 11:13). All you need to do is ask. The lights will start coming on. The Holy Spirit will enter your mind and your understanding will increase. Your life will begin a complete change for the better. All it requires is a sincere and honest willingness to get down on your knees and make a serious lifetime commitment. God will always hear and answer that prayer if you sincerely mean it.

There is an entire chapter near the end of Angelfall that explains what each individual reading this website, can ultimately do relative to the implications of this whole subject (see Chapter 15a).


Final Comments

Everything happening in this world is related to the fall from heaven. It explains everything. All the sin. All the wickedness. All the false religions. All the sickness and disease. All the broken lives and homes. All the children born and not wanted and abused (even aborted). All the crime. All the school shootings. All the drug and alcohol addiction. All the hunger. All the filth and pornography on the internet and sexual perversions. All the natural disasters. All the wars. Nazi Germany and the holocaust. Radical Islam. All the political unrest. All the human suffering. Everything!

Of greatest significance is the so called entertainment industry. Yet most people do not realize that 85% of all the movies and filth that Hollywood produces has its roots in the heavenly rebellion. This includes science fiction and space movies and fantasy movies of all sorts, as well as occult themes. Thousands of movies that are full of violence, sex, and profanity. All the sitcoms and "reality"shows on television that promote sexual lust and infidelity. Most of the popular music and rock music that young people listen to on their iPods. Many of the violent video games kids play. The commercialization and advertising of an array of feel good products, drugs and sexual aids promoting self pleasure. The constant worship of worthless and self centered Hollywood celebrities. The idolizing of sports celebrities and "going for the gold and the glory" at the Olympics. Gambling addictions and playing the lottery. Our society is obsessed at every level with materialism and self pleasure and human exaltation.

All this in various forms has its roots in the heavenly rebellion and glorification of man and satisfaction of the flesh—as distorted imaginations ooze out of the hearts of men who inherently gravitate towards all of it as a form of worthless "entertainment." The wickedness and murder that people would never perform themselves—they enjoy watching in a movie and thinking/fantasizing about it.

The human race is oblivious to the fact that all these sins and curses in the world are because of man turning his back on God in WILLFUL disobedience. It is a slap in the face and a mockery of the Creator whom the Bible says created everything holy and pure. God's Word is quite clear on this matter.

"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, THINK ON THESE THINGS" (Phil 4:8).

Even though people are not consciously aware of it, the reason we enjoy evil and wickedness—this is the manner in which our fallen subconscious spirit being is lashing back at God and his holiness, because we did not get our way up in heaven and got booted out. So this is our last chance to spit back.

In conclusion, this world exists for only two reasons.

  • God is letting evil run its course in order to balance the books and reconcile all things in heaven and upon earth (Col 1:20), and teach the redeemed individuals for all time and eternity the results and consequences of rebellion. This planet is destined to become an eternal object lesson. God's creatures will finally learn the lesson that there is "never a reason to ever go that way again."
  • In that process God will also reveal himself to his own children in a way that will form a loving and bonding relationship that will last for all eternity. Christ's death on the cross guarantees that there will never be another rebellion and fall from heaven. We will once and forever know what it means to be created in the image of God and be conformed to the image of His Son. Everything that God planned in Genesis will finally be fulfilled. We will learn what it means to know God as our Father and Source. And because of that, man will finally be able to actually eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and live forever, which is something Adam and Eve were forbidden to do (see Heb 5:14 and Rev 2:7).

Angelfall will teach us the fact that all the misery that abounds, is something that we brought upon ourselves. Yet we can rest assured that God is still in complete and sovereign control of His universe—the whole world is still in His hands. He set up this world, and is simply allowing evil to run its course and to play itself out, in order to teach his creatures for all time that man's way, i.e. creature superiority over Creator superiority, will never work. Only by listening to the watchmaker who made the watch, can we really learn how it ticks.

In this world God has deliberately hidden himself. The world's greatest scientists will never discover Him with either a microscope or a telescope. He only reveals himself to those who come to him in childlike simplicity and by faith. Only the pure in heart will ever see God (Mat 5:8). We can only come back to God through faith. Look at this verse!

"But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must BELIEVE THAT HE IS (exists), and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him" (Heb 11:6).

Right now everybody it seems is searching for reality, for love, and for peace in their souls. People are trying to find fulfillment in all sorts of entertainment, music, movies, sports, television, high tech gadgets of all kinds, and sex. Yet God is the only source of love that exists. God is the only thing that can fill the empty soul. But since man has rejected God as his fountain, he looks to everything else for fulfillment. The Bible calls this idolatry, which simply means the worshipping of false and unfulfilling gods.

You see, we were not created exclusively for ourselves. God created man so he could impart His own nature and goodness into our very being. He wants to make us partakers of His very own divine nature (2 pet 1:4). That is what this whole thing is all about—RELATIONSHIP! God wants to establish an eternal love relationship and be our loving Father. But all of that was lost when the angels decided to take the shortcut and eat of the tree of knowledge so they themselves could be the determiners. When that happened everything came unraveled at the seams. Through sin, man was driven out of Paradise, away from the presence and fellowship of a holy God. He found himself blind and naked. But God in His mercy sought, from the beginning, to restore the broken fellowship.

To solve this problem God sent His only begotten Son into the world to redeem us and pay the price for our rebellion. That is why Jesus died the horrible suffering death that He did. He came from heaven to earth as the lowly Lamb of God, to teach us the lesson of what true humility is all about. Jesus paid the price for all our sin and rebellion. In the last book of the Bible, the book of Revelation, Jesus is described throughout as the Lamb of God in the midst of the throne (Rev 5:6,12). The Lamb is symbolic language for humility and helplessness before Father God.

The cross is something that God planned before the world was even created (Rev 13:8). When we kneel at the foot of the cross and accept God's forgiveness, what we are actually doing is repenting of the rebellion that took place up in heaven and the PERSONAL role we played in all of that. All of our sins have been nailed to the cross. We are bringing ourselves back into right relationship with the God who created us in the first place. Like the prodigal son, we are returning once again to our heavenly Father.

Only by accepting His free gift offer of salvation—in both repentance and faith—will there ever be any hope of eternal redemption. Those who accept God's gift of salvation and come to Him on the ground of Christ's FINISHED work—we will be forever grateful throughout the eons of eternity—that he would stoop so low a to save any lost sinner by His Grace.

"How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation" (Heb 2:3).

That is the message of Angelfall. May God bless each one who has read these words.

* * *

Addendum Remark

We live in a society today where people only tend to believe or accept something, if it makes sense to them right off the bat. Unfortunately, both the message of theomatics and the conclusion of Angelfall cannot not be ascertained in a shallow, quick, and perfunctory manner.

As it was stated at the very beginning, the facts related to Angelfall is something that nobody knows about, nobody is thinking about, and nobody has any direct comprehension of whatsoever. So for many people (especially evangelical Bible students)—even after being introduced to the Angelfall evidence, they are going to have great difficulty in accepting the conclusion that men are actually the incarnation of angels. This is due simply to the fact that this concept has, effectively,

  1. Never been (apparently) taught before in Christian church history, and
  2. Been so well hidden in the Bible by God symbolically and allegorically, and
  3. Our memory has been 100% wiped after our birth into this world.

So right now there is zero recollection or comprehension of any of this, due to the separation of space and time.

Yet the important fact to realize, is that theomatics proves conclusively the fall from heaven and man's direct connection to the angelic realm—THAT IS THE ACTUAL REALITY. The good news is that this certain and actual reality is anchored on a foundation that is solid and objective and scientific. It is a sure thing.

What this will ultimately mean is that people everywhere are now going to have to completely shift gears mentally, and start seeing the entire Bible and their world view in a whole different context. As this happens, everything in the Bible will start snapping into place and make a whole lot more sense. Things will fit together ultimately. However, you will now see the world around you and all the people living in it, in a much different way.

So in the final analysis, when it comes to Angelfall—the only thing that really matters is NOT whether people know about it, NOT whether people comprehend it, and NOT whether they even accept it or believe it.

The only thing that matters is whether it is true or not.