The Author's Final Thoughts

As the author of Angelfall, some personal and final comments would be appropriate.

In all honesty and sincerity, I want to express the fact that I am not at all enthused about promoting this subject. I do not feel a spirit of excitement in telling people about the Angelfall message—it's just too deep and sobering of a subject. I have no desire to gain notoriety, create a following, leave a legacy, or make financial profit. I have no desire to persuade, convince, challenge, promote, or proselyte. There is no gain at all for me in this personally. My only motivation is simply a love for the truth, and a love for my Lord and Savior (Gal 2:20).

There are umpteen other things in life I would rather be doing—such as flying around the clouds in my Cessna 182 (N70616), or hiking in the Pacific Northwest, or working my real estate investments. And yes, playing golf. Knowing the fact I have obeyed the call of God—that is my only reward. Seeing the Holy Spirit touch individual lives with this message is what matters to me the most, and it is the ONLY thing that matters.

In the sense of what I have just expressed, I feel a tremendous peace and satisfaction.

For these reasons I wish to state for the record, that I have no desire to do more or go any further with this subject and message than God wants it to be taken. Like Jesus who walked in obedience, never extending His own will beyond the Father's plan—He was no more anxious to do God's will than God was for Him to do it. So for that reason (I say this humbly), I really do not care nor am I affected by the various reactions of people. Whether people praise me or curse me, I am oblivious to either. I have learned both in life and ministry, that people can bless you and be your friend one moment, and turn against you the next. God is the only person we can truly rely on 100%.

When I meet with people in day to day living, I rarely tell them about theomatics or Angelfall, or what I do personally. I find it much more enjoyable to talk about the every day issues of life. Most of my friends and business associates have little or no knowledge of what I do. And I am most content to keep things that way.

This may sound perplexing to some people, but I do not enjoy talking openly about this subject (unless the Holy Spirit impresses me on occasion), especially with people who are skeptical or cynical. Or even those who will listen "politely," but you usually can tell what they are thinking because a person cannot hide what is in their spirit—see Mat 15:8.

People are usually curious, but few will actually take the time to carefully examine and analyze facts before jumping to conclusions. In this faithless generation that we presently live in, people have the tendency to believe that they have the right to instantly accept things, or quickly write them off.

There is a strong tendency in human nature to only put value on something if there is acclaim or public recognition attached to it. In otherwords, if you are capable of accomplishing something, then you have to be recognized for it and applauded in order for it to have value (like winning an Olympic medal or getting your medical research published in the New England Journal of Medicine). Otherwise, unless there is "a lot of noise," few individuals will pay much attention or take you seriously. Let me give a personal illustration.

Back in the early 1980's before getting married in 1985, I spent about three years doing serious scenic photography of the State of Oregon. It was a major project. The largest bank in the State (U.S. National Bank), paid me almost $13,000 (a considerable sum back then) to inundate six bank branches with huge photo landscapes. Shortly thereafter, one of the largest scenic book publisher in the world (Graphic Arts Center Publishing) almost decided to do a scenic coffee table album of my work of the Oregon coast, but right in the middle of the negotiations the Lord indicated that He wanted me to drop pursuing all of that and instead focus my energies in a completely different direction. The Lord obviously had more important things for me to do—yet I had to sacrifice doing something I truly enjoyed. Now when I look back, I realize that I was definitely being led by God's hand. Yet in that regard, my wife said something very interesting to me.

Just because all your fine work is not sitting on a coffee table in somebody's ritzy home, the pictures being admired and ogled over (all the photos and negatives are now resting quietly in our attic), that does not change the fact that the pictures are still just as beautiful.

What a statement! Similarly, when it comes to theomatics and Angelfall, whether people chose to believe the facts or not believe the facts, or whether they even know about it, or understand it, or whether or not there is acclaim attached to it—this does not change the fact that God did all of it, i.e. He put theomatics in His Word, and the Angelfall premise is fundamentally solid. None of this is dependent on people's knowledge of it or whether it is recognized academically. And furthermore, people's reaction(s) does not affect the final verdict in the least—God is neither a gainer or a loser thereby. Reality and truth is always independent of man's thoughts and opinions—it is simply eternal truth irregardless. The domain of God's knowledge rests ABOVE the heavens and is not affected by anything man does, or thinks, or tries to figure out below the heavens (see Chapter 3e on God's knowledge above the heaven and the chapter 10d entitled Blocking Heaven's Gate).

Furthermore, God is not the least bit interested in sharing his knowledge with people simply to prove a point. He only opens up and shares what is in His heart, when there is a deep basis of RELATIONSHIP and apprehension and appreciation for who God is, i.e. when "he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit" (1 Cor 6:17).

So the bottom line here, is that Angelfall is a matter of deep reverence and AWE, and it carries with it a somewhat heavy burden. Yes, it is satisfying to obey God. But I simply do not feel a spirit of enthusiasm in promoting this subject. That is an honest fact.

Yet I have often told God this. My major wish is that I could slip into this world, do the task that God has called and anointed me to do, and then slip out of here without anybody ever knowing who Del Washburn even was (like a thief in the night). That would be my greatest performance and satisfaction. I do not want my photograph or physical image promoted in any way.

If major Christian and secular T.V. programs called tomorrow, begging me to "come on the show," even offering vast sums of money, I would turn them down flat (unless the Holy Spirit prompted otherwise—I seriously doubt they would even be interested in this subject). In fact, if a major article on theomatics or Angelfall appeared in Time or Newsweek, I honestly would have little or no interest in even reading it. In my heart, mind, and spirit, I am completely detached and oblivious to what people may think or say—I have no interest in even knowing about it. I rarely surf the web looking for comments and opinions about this subject (at times "theomatics" has come up over 40,000 times on Google).

When a person has received a genuine revelation from God, the correct attitude many times is not to even want to tell others about it. In other words, keep it to yourself and keep it quiet.

Like the apostle Paul who was struck by a blinding light from heaven—God immediately sent him to the backside of the desert for a number of years, where he was alone and stripped of his religious self sufficiency and learned to be humble (see Gal 1:17,18). He endured great suffering and persecution throughout his life. It was in that frame of mind that the Lord called him and revealed to Him His eternal plan and purpose " ... according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began" (Rom 16:25). Of such significance was God's revelation to Paul, that on three occasions he was actually able to refer to the very gospel itself as being "my gospel" (Rom 16:25; Rom 2:16; 2 Tim 2:8).

Jesus many times after healing a person, said—"Go and tell no man." It will be too solemn of a matter. The Lord was not out performing miracles in order to get attention or be lauded by people. God always has long range goals in mind—His own eternal plan and purpose; but man tends to be oblivious and short sighted as to the big picture, and is usually interested only in the short term and instant gratification. This Hollywood mentality even exists in today's church where various preachers and personalities become "celebrities." People have a tendency to chase after signs and wonders and all sorts of sensationalism, i.e. they inherently follow the latest greatest thing.

Yet on the flip side, there are times when God does tell us to go forth and tell of those things that we have seen and heard (see Luke 7:22). If God wants the message to go forth, he will open the doors and take the initiative. And that only happens many times after a person is dead and gone (and God gets all the credit). But the person who has had a genuine work of the cross in their life—they will not seek any credit or recognition or notable public ministry, and in many instances will actually do everything possible to AVOID the publicity of being recognized and lauded. They will thus be hidden in the shadows, oblivious and insignificant to most people.

Comment: One example that comes to mind is the late Oswald Chambers. He was a humble chaplain in the British army for many years in Egypt before he died suddenly and unexpectedly from an appendicitis attack in 1917 at only 43 years of age (he is also buried in Egypt). At the time of his death he was virtually unknown. Yet today Oswald Chambers is universally recognized as one of the greatest men of God who ever lived. People who have read his books say that he had a theological mind and an ability to grasp the things of God that was unparalleled. His devotional book, My Utmost for His highest, has sold literally millions of copies (Oswald Chambers comes up over 270,000 times on Google). Yet during his entire lifetime, he wrote only one little book. For years he lectured at the YMCA in Cairo Egypt and people took voluminous notes of his lectures and teachings which were derived from his own personal Bible study. After he died his widow spent years on an old typewriter compiling all the notes from his teaching series which were taken down in shorthand—they eventually ended up being a compilation of approximately 40 books that now consist of about 1500 pages in small type. See,

When one carefully reads the spiritual depth and insight that this man had, it is hard to believe that any human being living upon earth could have such knowledge without divine supernatural intervention. Yet the important fact here, is that during Oswald's lifetime: (1) he was totally unknown, unrecognized, oblivious, and (2) he never made any plans whatsoever to become an author that would eventually touch millions of lives. All of this happened long after he left this world. Yet now it is so very obvious that the entire project was divinely orchestrated from the beginning by God Himself—there was no human effort or planning to make this literally happen. To God be the glory.

Usually the things that genuinely come from God occur without a lot of strained human effort of the flesh or public fanfare. It should be noted that the hallmark of every false cult and religion out there—they are obsessed with proselytizing and converting you to their way of thinking, i.e. when they knock on your door they have only one objective in mind—getting you to join their sect. Even though there is a valid evangelism and missionary efforts in spreading the gospel, it should not have the obsessive spirit behind it as the cults and false doctrines have. We are to convert men to Christ, not to some sect or pet ideology.

Usually if someone has something that came truly from God, there will be a lack of a spirit of enthusiasm and energy. Heresy and various sensational teachings that are false are almost always accompanied by enthusiasm. Whenever you see a person who is totally exuberant about what they believe and/or are teaching, and they are "out to promote it," this is many times an indicator that something is perhaps haywire. In other words, believer beware!

Returning to our previous train of thought relative to this discussion, let me give an illustration.

Close to where I live near Portland Oregon, one evening my wife and I drove up to the new 40 million dollar marble and gold Mormon Temple in Lake Oswego, and parked our car in the parking lot. Most temple activities take place in the evening, and for some time we sat and observed the families coming and going. Each person was carrying a suitcase with their temple garments inside. What stood out was the fact that everyone was dressed immaculately in their Sunday best. Men were all in suits and women in the finest evening dresses. Even little children were dressed immaculately—little boys in three piece suits. As we sat and watched this, I said to my wife. This is a far cry from many of the so called evangelical "seeker churches," where people show up wearing shorts and flip flops. Here was a religious cult that puts many evangelical Christians to shame. What is important to note in all of this, is the reason Mormons approach the "House of the Lord" in this way, is because they have incredible respect for what they believe. They believe it is absolutely sacred. No devout Mormon will ever discuss with anyone outside the faith, what goes on behind the walls of the windowless temple—all the secret priestly and endowment ceremonies, baptisms for the dead, eternal marriages, etc. are a taboo subject outside the walls of the temple. Mormons consider it so sacred, they will not even talk about it (even among themselves).

And I must honestly tell you that I feel somewhat the same way about theomatics and Angelfall. When things are extremely divine and sacred, it is only appropriate to many times keep them private. When God does something that is this special, unique, and intimate, the last thing to do is pick up the ball and run with it, i.e. turn the whole thing into a big promotional carnival—all sorts of books, promotions, seminars, display ads in Christian magazines promoting your ministry, making T.V. appearances, etc. That sort of thing will NEVER bring lasting spiritual fruit unless God is 100% behind it and gives a clear "go-ye" mandate. Too many big ministries in the evangelical world, with annual budgets into the millions of dollars, have gone belly up in recent decades and with little substance to show for their efforts. Any spiritual results are only fleeting if not accompanied by God's blessing and anointing.

Again, the key point to all of this, is simply the fact that both theomatics and Angelfall constitutes a realm of knowledge that is ABOVE the heavens, i.e. God's secret esoteric domain of eternal wisdom and knowledge. It would be highly inappropriate to use any of it for personal or religious gain, or attempt to start a movement.

Yet I feel a tremendous sense of duty and responsibility to fulfill the mission in presenting this subject, in a thorough, solid, and responsible manner. That is why I write so passionately and try to think carefully and clearly in presenting everything. I expect nothing in return for that, however.

We must never forget the fact that we are only laborers. It is the Lord of the harvest that brings forth the fruit. We should be deeply humbled by the fact that God would even use us in any capacity. If at all.

Yet, it is important to point out in all of this, the fact that I do not want to hide my light under a bushel either (see Mark 4:21-23). Even though I have the firm conviction that this information should not be indiscriminately promoted, at the same time it should be made available. The Chinese have a saying that goes something like this: "When someone shares with you something of value,  you have an obligation to share it with others!"

What I tell people is that God has not called me to promote theomatics or Angelfall; He has called me to simply research and write about these things and to make the information available. The Lord may raise up other individuals to promote all of this in due time according to His divine plan and purpose.

Personally, I could easily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own money promoting this subject. But I refuse to spend any significant amount simply out of respect for God's sovereignty—there is no motivation here to either build something or become some sort of spiritual pied piper (create a following). Since I have no desire to make any money from this, there is no need to "invest" any—if at all—the only reason would be to see this touch people's lives. Yet the Holy Spirit is capable of accomplishing that in a million different ways.

Like the little boy in the Bible who had the tiny basket of five loaves and two fishes, that certainly was not much food to feed over 5000 people. The reason the multitudes were fed was not the QUANTITY of the resource—it was the QUALITY of the Lord's blessing that brought about the results (Mat 14:19,20). It says that the Lord looked up to heaven (as His source of strength), and He blessed the food and multiplied it.

People could spend vast sums of money promoting theomatics and Angelfall, and if that was not in God's sovereign plan, nothing would result from it except the fact you spent a lot of money (sort of like raising millions of dollars to run for political office and eventually losing the election). Only God's Spirit can bring forth lasting fruit.

So in that regard, my prayer is to simply be a good steward of these things which have been entrusted by God's grace. That is why all of this information should be available on the World Wide Web where anybody can access it. The Holy Spirit will then direct the proper people to find the material—the rest will either be blinded or hardened by it (see Mark 4:11,12). The Holy Spirit will indeed open the eyes of those who are predestined to see and understand. The rest will either mock or have a spirit of apathy, or have only a superficial/passing interest. If some are touched by it (or even entertained) the seed may sprout gladly, but only for a time—they will not even be thinking about it three days later (like after attending the Ringling Brothers circus).

Yet for some, Angelfall will be a life changing experience. Once the solid scientific basis of these discoveries is comprehended, and the significance really sinks into a person's heart and mind and soul as objective fact, it can then become a life altering experience and spiritual benchmark in the life of the individual. And they will think about it and contemplate it for the rest of their lives.

Even though I will always welcome any constructive criticism or valid questions that people may have about this message (and will prayerfully evaluate it if presented in the right spirit), you will not find any blogs on this subject or any on-line/Angelfall forums. This is not something to be turned into a soccer ball that people can kick all over the place and debate. Anything I have to say will simply be posted on Angelfall, and that will be the end of the matter! If there is one thing I cannot handle emotionally or spiritually, if there is one thing I have zero tolerance for, it is a skeptical or cynical spirit, and also a lack of faith when it comes to the precious things of God. The internet is rife with rude individuals who love to RANKLE about anything and everything, and who have no problem saying curt things on line that would never be said in front of someone's face. I have no desire to enter into that realm (I have already been there, seen that, done that).

Personally, I do not debate this subject.

When people are confronted with something where the evidence of what God has done is so obvious and manifest—the last thing they should be doing is sitting back and analyzing, judging, debating, and questioning... the only appropriate reaction is to simply fall to the ground and start worshipping.

So much "Christian" ministry today is based upon the glorification of man and people's own personal ambitions. You see it everywhere, particularly on television and in many of the big mega churches. The greatest mistake any person in the Lord's work can make, is to believe that they are special to God; that they are the "favored" of the Lord; that God has placed His mighty anointing upon them; that as "shepherds," they possess spiritual authority over the lives of others; that the Lord God shares with them His greatest secrets and has given them a special inside track to the divinity; but that God (of course) does not grant likewise to others who must surely have a "lesser" gospel. To entertain such boastful and prideful thoughts—whether consciously of not (even if God has given special insight and anointing), is to place oneself potentially in a state of delusion. In Galatians 6:3 it states, "If anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself."

On a number of occasions when people have lauded me as being some sort of great man of God, or sung my praises, I suddenly get a sick feeling inside and actually feel like I want to go outside and "ralph." Literally! Even though I try to be polite to others, I want to scream, "Stop! I am just a sinner saved by grace!"

The message of Angelfall and theomatics is extremely significant. Del Washburn is not.

The Bible states that after we do everything God expects us to perform, we should still consider ourselves "unprofitable servants" (Luke 17:10). What we are able to accomplish, if anything, is not because of our own strength, but is solely by the grace of God. The apostle Paul said,

"But by the grace of God I am what I am... I labored more abundantly than anybody: yet it was not I, but the grace of God which was with me" (1 Cor 15:10).

So when it comes to theomatics and Angelfall, and all the events in my life and my personal feelings... My only personal reward is SIMPLY KNOWING the fact that God has allowed me to EVEN SEE these things with my own eyes, and to COMPREHEND THE FACT that He actually did it.

Why should I seek anything more beyond that?

One of my favorite passages in the Bible is the following:

"The word of the Lord came unto Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram: I AM THY SHIELD (protector), and THY EXCEEDING GREAT REWARD" (Gen 15:1).

The most precious thing in the life of a true Christian, is when God gives HIMSELF, and reveals to that person WHO HE IS. The greatest gift is God giving His very own self—HE becomes our reward. When that happens, everything else can be compared to worthless refuse (garbage) (Phi 3:8).

When we really understand and know WHO God is and experience that personally, then everything else becomes shallow and pale by comparison. Two things will happen.

(1) All the air is taken out of our sails and we thus learn humility and cease trying to serve God in the strength of our flesh, and (2) we are then surrounded and protected from anything man can possibly say or do to us—we will have no desire to seek the approval of men for our strength or satisfaction, nor will we be discouraged or downcast if others do not approve.


So in the final analysis, the only thing I can ever possibly do with all of this knowledge, is to simply pass it on freely to others as I have been freely given.

And finally, one more thing is important to say.

The last thing I pray to God—never ever happens—is that someone gets a hold of all this material and data, and then tries to start a church or denomination or religious movement surrounding it (the idea of an theomatics or Angelfall church is absurd). Or some existing organization (such as the Catholic church) tries to latch onto it, if it is ever scientifically verified on a wide scale.

Therefore, let this be a fair warning to anybody who reads these words. If anyone takes away or adds to this for their own notoriety, or religious agenda, or personal gain, may the immense displeasure of God be upon you.

I therefore now dedicate this entire message and all its implications to the Holy Spirit of the Living God, to do with it as He wills. He is the only One who knows what the eternal plan and purpose is. I am so very thankful that He has allowed me to play even a small part in it.

"The Grace of the Lord Jesus be with all" (Rev 22:21).