Chapter 3a

A System of

Galactic Proportions

Why does theomatics exist? Why did God put a "secret" code in the Bible in the first place? What is its intended purpose? What does it all mean? What is the point? And most importantly, how is all of this going to affect my life personally?

Somebody once asked a well known mountain climber why he chose to climb the mountain. His famous reply, "Because it's there."

The fact is, like the tall mountain, theomatics is simply there. It has been discovered that it exists in the Bible—from cover to cover. So if it does indeed exist, and if supernatural Intelligence is the only possible explanation for the phenomenon, then by God's grace we certainly have a valid reason to ask WHY? And then seek to honestly find out what is the PURPOSE and MEANING behind all of it? That is, of course, if God sovereignly allows man to take a peek behind the curtain.

Be forewarned that the Creator has definite security measures in place. If men's hearts are not soft and gentle, or in accord with the will of God, or His timing, or if they are simply curious and want to find out for selfish personal reasons—the end result will simply be that they will lack the faith to believe adequately, and also lack the understanding to grasp either the meaning or the significance. They will be blind and oblivious to the truth of the matter.


A Lofty Accomplishment

Making all this happen to begin with was a pretty tall order for God. It was pointed out earlier (in chapter 2k on the scientific proof), the reasons why there is no logical or possible way that man could have done something like theomatics. Or even as some people might propose (such as Michael Drosnin who wrote The Bible Code)—space aliens did it.

In order for this code system to have any possible chance to exist, some sort of Intelligence had to engineer the Hebrew and Greek languages right from the get go. Each Hebrew and Greek word was constructed and spelled precisely. All of this had to consider not only the proper grammatical structure and form, but also the location where each word would be placed in a yet to be written Bible text—next to other adjacent words with their appropriate numerical values. So that everything would add up properly. From a natural, secular, and logical point of view, such an idea would be absurd. That is why— even with trainloads of statistical data and absolute mathematical proof—most academics would still never even consider the possibility, much less believe.

Comment: For a further discussion of this, showing how impossible it would be for anything like theomatics to exist anywhere else in all of literature, read Chapter 2o.

As it has been stated many times before, in order for theomatics to be a valid discovery and of supernatural origin, and to have any statistical validity or claim of uniqueness, three planets must line up.

  1. The patterns or phenomenon only appear within the Bible text and in no other work of literature ever written, in any language.
  1. The patterns only appear with the numerical values to the letters of historical record (there are 403 septillion random permutations possible, none of which can work).
  1. Yet even in the Bible and with the proper numerical values to the letters—the patterns only appear with words and phrases having a common theological meaning or relationship. Anything else only produces randomness.

The third item above eliminates any grammatical or literary or natural cause explanation for the results, and can only prove a divine/supernatural element as the logical explanation. As one statistical scientist stated who investigated theomatics independently (see,

"A hierarchy of theological aspects is hard to imagine.

Anything like theomatics would be no more likely to occur in the Bible, then for someone to claim that Smith phone numbers have certain anomalies or characteristics different than Jones phone numbers. Such a claim would be ludicrously impossible. Everybody knows that numbers in a phone book are inherently random (a Smith phone number has just a good a chance of being divisible by the number 153 as a Jones phone number).

Again, the point cannot be stressed strongly enough, that before any of this could even happen, the Creator had to first engineer the entire Bible—cover to cover—including all of its spiritual truths—prior to the language vocabulary even being created and the events of history even taking place. There is no other way the system could have been put together and ultimately work. And man certainly had no control over this "reverse/upside down" process. Nor did he have control over the actual creation of the languages themselves—the words simply came about through spontaneous cultural development. At the time the words were being formulated the Bible text and its historical events had not yet even taken place.

What all this demonstrates, is that God works in another dimension outside the realm of an earthly time frame or natural sequence of events. God does not exist in linear time (or even think in linear time). All future events that happen are both controlled and known precisely before they even occur. God can see forwards, then go backwards and make any necessary adjustments. How all this can happen is somewhat of a mystery. Even when man supposedly acts within the realm of his own "free" will, it is actually God's sovereign/predestined will that occurs. That is the incredible fact. And it all takes place, without mankind being consciously aware of the fact.


There is More—Much More!

Yet—as the miraculous existence of theomatics proves—there is much more to the Bible than what has been previously known. It has often been stated that during a person’s lifetime, they utilize less than 2% of mental capacity of the human brain (some people even less than that). Likewise, if you were to add up all the knowledge that has ever existed throughout history concerning the Bible—all the Christian books and commentaries ever written, all the sermons ever preached, all the things ever taught in Bible schools and theological seminaries—it would comprise a teeny tiny fraction of the sum total of truth that has been deliberately imbedded in the text by the Divine Author.There is a supernatural and heavenly side to this entire picture that has never been fully examined, seen, or understood. There is an entire esoteric system embedded in the text that no one even knew existed, i.e. the symbolic/allegorical/esoteric principle coupled with theomatics.

As it will be discussed in Chapter 13a on Bible prophecy, many people have greatly misunderstood the Bible because they are trying to perceive it on a human earthly level by interpreting things literally. They are trying to make everything in the Bible (and the Book of Revelation) fit earthly times and events. They do not see the BIG picture behind everything—the eternal plan and purpose of God or the inherent SPIRITUAL message and meaning of the text. They don't understand the symbolic principle and how deep all of it goes.

That is why we need to learn and understand the Bible from the Creator’s point of view—not basing our beliefs on what we think is true, or what we wish to be true, or what someone else told us was true.

In Theomatics II, I made the following statement.

The logic that is the architect behind theomatics is far above and beyond, and in some ways totally at odds with, every human and religious philosophy that has ever existed. Even though theomatics can be scientifically proven through the most elementary of means, the power and brains that are behind it are so totally beyond and so completely different from any logic ever conceived in this world—that unless a person approaches this subject in a prayerful and humble spirit, refusing to allow himself to see it through the prism of any prejudice—the knowledge and assimilation of this subject will have little chance of establishing coherence in one's thinking process.

Bear in mind, as we examine theomatics and the message of Angelfall, that this whole thing was put together by the same Mind that created the "big bang"—the billions upon billions of galaxies. The same Super Mind that created "black holes" and "time" itself (even Steven Hawking's brain). The same Mind that created the atoms and molecules, and designed every form of life and every detail of the human body. The same Mind that created other dimensions—both material and spiritual.

We are dealing with an eternal mind that is omniscient (knowing all things), omnipresent by the Holy Spirit (everywhere at once), and omnipotent (all powerful). And because of that fact, He has set up theomatics to operate upon mathematical laws and word/meaning principles that far supersede anything anyone in this world could ever dream of. Or possibly even imagine. That is why, in approaching this subject, one must do so with simple and childlike faith. One must look to God for total wisdom and understanding, and not allow his own thoughts to obstrucate the process.

Comment: And that also explains where there is a ton concerning all of this that we do not fully see and understand at this time. Thus far we have also examined the tip of the tip. That is there will be many unanswered questions. The threshold has barely been crossed.


Simple, Yet So Complex

Look at what is probably the single most practical discovery in the history of civilization. Nothing in our society would be possible without the wheel—cars, trains, airplanes, all sorts of machinery. The wheel is the most simple and basic of concepts. Yet the manner in which it can be used, i.e. the applications, can become incredibly complex.

All of God’s truth in the Bible, at the elementary level, is so basic and simple. A little child is even able to grasp it. Yet at the same time, this same truth can catapult itself into the most complex "superstructures"—truths that are enormously complex, convoluted, and at times, incomprehensible.

Take a look inside the cockpit of an airliner. On the surface one can see all the instruments, dials, buttons, and levers. But until one pulls back the instrument panel and looks inside at the thousands of transistors and circuits, jillions of wires running all over the place, and the design theory of how all that connects into the hydraulic lines and other systems—he cannot really understand the details of how an airplane functions and works. A pilot may be able to fly the airplane and read the instruments (interpret things literally), but he is not an engineer, or technician, or mechanic—they are the only individuals who fully understand how things work and have the knowhow to actually fix the airplane.

Theomatics is going to help show us how it all fits together. There are things connected and wired together throughout the Bible—meanings that relate to other similar passages—that explain what the first passage means, and the others as well. The deliberate meanings and connections comprise a labyrinth of incredible complexity.

There are thousands upon thousands of truths imbedded in scripture that no one has even thought of yet. People have not yet perceived the symbolic connection—where something here connects and relates to something over there. Simply because these areas have not been investigated, nor have they even been revealed. Nor are they immediately apparent on the surface. You will see hundreds of examples of this phenomenon throughout Angelfall.

Before a person can see what is under the ocean, he must first put on the scuba gear and jump out of the boat and get into the water. Looking over the pretty blue surface, and even putting a fishing line in it occasionally, will not give us the complete picture of what lies beneath.

And that is the point at which theomatics is going to take Christians to a whole new level of understanding the Bible. It will tie all the points together in ways that are just not seen by present methods. Now we can start to look beneath the surface. Our feet will be planted firmly on the right premises.

In the next chapter, we will discuss the symbolic principle that lies at the heart of everything.

A Major Misconception

The general perception that most Christians have, is that God gave us the Bible, as a means to communicate information relative to the real world we live in. Therefore, its only practical value, relative to our understanding of it, is centered primarily on the application it has for this life and this world. The basic premise of most evangelical/fundamentalists, is that the Bible is a simply an open revelation that anybody can easily understand, and we should not be compelled to look for any deeper or hidden meanings beyond what is apparent on the surface.

That is a 100% false premise. It is an attempt (sometimes an honest and respectful attempt), to fit God into a box of our own finite understanding. While it is true that God has indeed given man all the essential truth he needs for both life and godliness, and all those things in the Bible can be easily comprehended—yet there exists a far greater dimension of truth in the Book of books, that goes way beyond the bare essentials.

What theomatics is going to prove, is that the Bible really transcends this world and was given to us by God to reveal heavenly and eternal mysteries and truths. When the Church arrives at a complete understanding of these things, it will then be in a position to enter into the fullness of God. Therefore, the Bible is a revelation of God’s master plan for all eternity. God simply used the history and culture of this earth, its stories and events—and placed all that in the Bible—to symbolize and represent things which are spiritual and eternal. Therefore, at least 90% of everything present in the Bible—the full meaning and impact is yet to come. When we all die and go to heaven, the Bible ((and theomatics in addition to anything God may have done) will become our eternal operational handbook.

Jesus stated that "heaven and earth will pass away (the tangible and temporal), but My Word shall never pass away (the intangible, spiritual and eternal)" (Matthew 24:35). If a person does not understand this as the foundation premise for the Bible, they will miss everything—including the ultimate meaning of the theomatics—finding themselves impotent to explain many things in Scripture.

What is most perplexing, is that many scholars and preachers, have tried to do everything possible to steer Christians in a direction AWAY from looking in the Bible for deeper meanings or interpretations. Instead, the preponderant attitude and consensus has been to try and demystify the Bible. "Take everything literal," we are told. "Don’t spiritualize too much. To do so can only open the door to all types of crazy ideas and ridiculous notions. People will have a free for all where only the imagination rules."

This sort of reminds me of the account of a man who saw a dangerous spider on his foot. In a panic he grabbed his shotgun. The short version of the story is that "he got the spider."

Theomatics, as it is more fully understood, will fix many of these problems and show us clearly the deeper meanings—the thoughts that actually exist in the mind of the Creator Himself.

The Inductive Reasoning Process

As far as helping people understand the true and more exact meaning of scripture, theomatics is in a whole different league than every method heretofore. The reason is because the procedure, when properly used, is a highly inductive process. We are just now learning how to use this tool.

Everything humans believe is based upon two things: Premises and their conclusions. In order to establish premises and arrive at conclusions, we use both deductive and inductive logic. I will not take the time here to explain definitions (see Theomatics II, Pgs 132, 133), except to say that inductive logic is generally much more objective. It is the form of logic that science uses. It follows a method of making observations, testing the results, and THEN drawing conclusions.

Generally, people in society who believe a certain thing start out with fundamental premises and then they try to conform everything to fit those premises. Unfortunately, this approach is applied to much of what Christians believe. Most Christians believe something, not because they researched the matter in the Bible for themselves, but because someone else whom they respected taught them it was true. From that point on, they will tend to read and see everything through those rose colored glasses.

Once a person has established which persuasion they are going to follow, they will also tend to ignore any evidence that seems to go in a different direction that the train track they are riding on.

Theomatics operates on a whole different procedure. With the theomatic method, we watch the flower unfold itself. Then we stand back and ask ourselves, "why is this working out to these numbers, and why are all those numbers coming up over there?" From these sorts of observations, we start seeing where various things connect and tie together. Proceeding onwards, our knowledge is improved, as the flower continues to unfold itself.

The above is the correct inductive procedure—first observe and then draw conclusions based upon the evidence. This also means that we must be willing to change our position or ideas on a lot of things, if the truth brings in more light on a particular subject. That requires humility.


Numbers Are the Only Objective Thing

What is the most objective thing possible in the entire universe? Here is what I had stated in Theomatics II.

Why did God put theomatics in the Bible? If you stop and think about it, numbers are really the only thing in the universe that are absolute and determinate. Of all the sciences known to man, mathematics and logic is the only exact and pure science. Every branch of science uses and depends upon math. Words and their meanings are interpretive in nature—they are relative to so many different contributing factors: various cultures, ideas, feelings, emotions, viewpoints, and interpretations. Scholars who attempt to deal with the Bible based solely upon the grammatical-historical system—words and their meaning (hermeneutics), must forever be working with some degree of uncertainty. (If not, then why are there so many viewpoints about God and the Bible?) Numbers are absolute and inflexible. Mathematical laws and principles never change, and since God is the Unchangeable One, it only makes sense that He would boil down the meanings in His Word to mathematical exactness and precision.

I went on to further state,

Once all the rules and principles are discovered according to which the theomatic structure operates, all the meanings in scripture will be cast in stone. Every meaning in the Bible (God's original intent) will be crystal clear as a bell. There will be no conflicting "schools of theology" or "religious denominations" in heaven. There will be complete unity within the Body of Christ for all eternity.

It would be impossible to communicate or function as an intelligent society, without numbers. Imagine trying to call somebody on the phone and not use any numbers, just words (how could the telephone switching equipment work without numbers?) How about your address? How about your car? In order to engineer it and manufacture the parts, everything had to be explained numerically and broken down to numbers. The mechanical drawings all had to express dimensions with numbers. You could never know whether or not you were going the right speed limit with just words. Obviously, we express MPH in numbers. And the policeman who writes you a speeding ticket, will give you the date and time to appear in court, with numbers, and the amount of the bail you will have to post, will also be expressed in numbers.

Recently when some NASA space engineers set up a broadcast antenna and focused it on distant stars, trying to communicate with any "intelligent life" that may be out there, they decided that the only possible language they could use, that would make sense to other civilizations, was a language based solely upon numbers.

In our society, numbers are necessary in order to explain anything and everything. Why should the eternal Word of God, the Holy Bible, be any different? Everything else in God’s creation is numerically based.

Words will never be definite until they can be expressed with mathematical precision. Cultures change through time. There are many words in the Bible, that historically we don’t know for sure what they mean (we only think we do based upon the best available history). This is especially true of the Hebrew Old Testament. Couple that fact, with all the theological connotations in scripture, and you have a real potential mess on your hands—a smorgasbord of meanings, shades of meaning; how would the people addressed "interpret it?" how are we supposed to "interpret it?"... on and on. And if we can’t always settle the definition historically, then what was God’s original intended and SPIRITUALIZED meaning? What do various people, names, places, and such all through scripture, represent from a spiritual standpoint?

At this time I could easily list a thousand areas of dispute and issues over which Christians are thoroughly divided. Any reader should be aware of this fact.

So the conclusion must be, that words and their meanings are not always a totally reliable means of receiving and understanding information. That is why God ultimately put theomatics in the Bible. In heaven we will all be of one Mind and Spirit with the Lord (1 Cor 6:17) and ultimately have the mind of Christ (1 Cor 2:16).

The next chapter on the subject of symbolic principle in the Bible, continues this discussion.